From Alejandro Vaquero:
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / gtk / voip_calls.c
2006-10-24 jakeFrom Alejandro Vaquero:
2006-10-20 guyDon't display the Play button if we're not built with...
2006-10-20 guyPut the period into ITU-T Recommendation names.
2006-10-17 ulflfrom Stephen Fisher:
2006-09-21 guyInclude "rtp_player.h" in "voip_calls.c" if we're suppo...
2006-09-10 etxrabFrom Alejandro Vaquero:
2006-08-30 etxrabFrom Alejandro Vaquero:
2006-07-25 jakeFrom: Martin Mathieson
2006-07-05 etxrabFrom Martin Mathieson:
2006-06-23 jakeMake SSRC display (among others) unsigned. Fixes Ethere...
2006-06-22 sahlbergcoverity 194
2006-06-15 etxrabFrom Martin Mathieson:
2006-06-11 etxrabComplete the parch from:
2006-06-01 etxrabFrom Cvetan Ivanov:
2006-05-22 guyGet rid of a bunch of "Ethereal"s and "ethereal"s in...
2006-05-21 sahlbergname change
2006-03-19 guyMake the GUIDs in various data structures e_guid_t...
2006-02-23 etxrabFrom Alejandro Vaquero:
2006-01-16 jakeRemove uninitalized variable warning
2006-01-15 jakeHi All,
2005-10-03 etxrabFrom Alejandro Vaquero:
2005-09-17 guyMove a pile of protocol-related headers from the top...
2005-08-20 jmayer- Declare some functions static
2005-08-06 guyMake some structure members that are always set from...
2005-08-05 jmayerMore char -> const char warning fixes.
2005-07-26 legodo not try to free the isup tap data.
2005-07-07 guyAdd a cast to SET_ADDRESS() to squelch GCC4 "differ...
2005-07-07 guyExplicitly initialize all the elements of a voip_calls_...
2005-07-05 etxrabFrom Alejandro Vaquero
2005-06-27 etxrabFrom Alejandro Vaquero
2005-05-05 guyDon't explicitly initialize "h245_labels", as it's...
2005-05-02 geraldFrom Cvetan Ivanov:
2005-04-14 lrolandFrom Francisco Alcoba:
2005-04-05 sahlbergFrom Francisco Alcoba
2005-03-27 etxrabFrom Alejandro Vaquero :
2005-03-11 guyFlag an unused argument as unused, to squelch compiler...
2005-03-10 legoFrom Alejandro Vaquero:
2005-03-07 legoFrom Alejandro Vaqero:
2005-03-02 legoFrom Alejandro Vaquero:
2005-03-01 legoFrom Alejandro Vaquero:
2005-02-24 lrolandBy Francisco Alcoba:
2005-02-23 sahlbergg_strrstr does not exist in gtk 1
2005-02-22 legoFrom Alejandro Vaquero:
2005-02-22 ulflbugfix: using the "rtp_example.raw.gz" from the wiki...
2005-02-21 legofrom Alejandro Vaquero
2005-02-21 legofix few things:
2005-02-20 lrolandDon't register mgcp taps,
2005-02-14 guyAdd #includes to define various macros and declare...
2005-02-13 lrolandremove a bunch of unnecessary "includes" from VoIP...
2005-02-07 lrolandAnd finally (I hope) the last part from the patch
2005-02-05 lrolandremove obsolete function add_rtp_streams_graph() from...
2005-02-05 etxrabFrom Alejandro Vaquero:
2005-02-03 etxrabFrom Francisco Alcoba:
2005-02-02 guyUse C89 syntax, not C++ syntax, for functions that...
2005-02-02 guyMake sure "comment" is set.
2005-02-02 lrolandfor VoIP Call Analysis:
2005-02-01 lrolandFrom Alejandro Vaquero: