Add an item to the "File/Print" dialog box to ask that the full hex data
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / globals.h
1999-09-29 guyAdd an item to the "File/Print" dialog box to ask that...
1999-09-26 denielAdded name resolution in GUI part:
1999-09-23 guyMove the toolkit-independent code to create a temporary...
1999-09-19 denielAdded "Automatic scrolling in live capture".
1999-09-12 denielSome old CPP or tools that take C code in input do
1999-09-10 guyGive "globals.h" an RCS ID and copyright/GPL notice.
1999-09-09 gramMore shuffling of GTK-related routines to gtk subdirectory.
1999-09-01 gramMoved GTK-dependent routines for file dialogues, print...