Some packet_list.h -> main_packet_list.h changes.
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / epan /
2008-04-12 stigAdded an option to save column widths in the recent...
2008-04-12 etxrabFrom Jonas Nilsson:
2008-04-12 etxrabFrom Michael McCartney:
2008-04-12 stigFrom Martin Peylo (bug 2245):
2008-04-12 stigFrom Andrew Feren (bug 2433):
2008-04-12 stigFrom Marton Nemeth (bug 2447):
2008-04-12 stigFrom Jesus Roman (bug 2431):
2008-04-12 stigFrom Philip Frey (bug 2443):
2008-04-12 stigFrom Philip Frey (bug 2420):
2008-04-12 sakeFrom Andrew Ferren (big 2434):
2008-04-12 jakeFrom Mark C. Brown:
2008-04-11 sahlbergadd dissection of scsi/mmc close track (and fix a bug)
2008-04-11 grahambCorrected assumption that offset is always > start_offs...
2008-04-10 lego fix
2008-04-10 jakeTurbocell dissector, initially by Colin Slater for...
2008-04-10 legoFrom Marton Nemeth:
2008-04-10 jakeFrom Roberto Morro:
2008-04-10 jakeFix a comment to please the compiler.
2008-04-10 etxrabUse the correct length for APDU:s.
2008-04-10 legoFrom Marton Nemeth <>
2008-04-10 morrissFrom Florian Lohoff: fix
2008-04-10 stigAdded some casts from double to float.
2008-04-10 morrissFrom
2008-04-10 jakeFix for bug 2440 and 2187:
2008-04-09 guyFix name of file in comment to reflect current reality.
2008-04-09 etxrabRemove:
2008-04-08 etxrabUpdate to latest spec.
2008-04-08 guyThe integral type with which an enumerated type is...
2008-04-08 etxrabUpdate to latest spec.
2008-04-08 etxrabFrom Martin Peylo:
2008-04-08 etxrabFrom Michael Lum:
2008-04-08 etxrabUpdate Lemon to v1.54 and lempar to v 1.31 from sqlite...
2008-04-08 ulflremove GTK1 specific font handling
2008-04-07 stigFrom Jim Young:
2008-04-07 morrissSince the GTK1 code was taken out of gsmmap_add_ucs2_us...
2008-04-07 jakeFrom David Bernard:
2008-04-07 jakeFrom Steve Karg:
2008-04-07 sfisherRemove ws_strsplit from libwireshark.def to fix Windows...
2008-04-07 sfisher- Remove GLIB1 code
2008-04-06 ulflreduce the expert level of TCP zero window back to...
2008-04-05 sakeRaise the expert priority of all "zero window" related...
2008-04-05 sakeFix for bug 2378, where window scaling was not applied to
2008-04-05 ulfllower the "Window Update" severity from note to chat...
2008-04-05 martinmMark a local function static rather than extern.
2008-04-05 ulflas discussed on SharkFest: switch off checksum checks...
2008-04-04 ulfladd packet-tcp.c / packet-udp.c
2008-04-04 martinmMake the RTSP dissector findable by name.
2008-04-04 martinmExport proto_register_prefix()
2008-04-04 guyAdd a missing routine (proto_initialize_all_prefixes).
2008-04-03 legotypo initializators -> initializers
2008-04-01 tuexen- Disable checksum verification by default.
2008-03-30 jmayerFix bug 2395: 2395
2008-03-30 jakeFrom yin sun:
2008-03-29 geraldRemove a linefeed from a field description.
2008-03-28 geraldFix compilation under Windows.
2008-03-27 geraldMake sure we reset a pointer to ephemeral memory when...
2008-03-26 etxrabThe hf_gsm_map_getPassword is missing from the hf array...
2008-03-25 etxrabExport:
2008-03-25 ashoknFixed bug with tvb_get_bits64(); the mask array had...
2008-03-24 jakeFIx for bug 2381:
2008-03-23 stigRemoved some unnamed unions, reported by Andrew Hood.
2008-03-23 jakeRunning glib 2.16 on 32 bit platform requires this...
2008-03-21 etxrabIn glib 2.16 g_malloc Changed from:
2008-03-19 wmeierWindows: use free() only if vc6 (as suggested by Peter...
2008-03-19 etxrabFix bug
2008-03-19 etxrabExport dissect_cbs_data_coding_scheme()
2008-03-19 etxrabReturn value tvb if pressent from all branches.
2008-03-19 kukosafix from Anders: offset->boffset
2008-03-19 kukosaadd SRTCP support to h245_setup_channels()
2008-03-19 kukosaSSL debug outputs for better detection of reassembling...
2008-03-19 kukosaexport SRTP related functions
2008-03-19 stigAvoid calling some free() on WIN32 on memory that may...
2008-03-18 etxrabHandle the case where length is > remaining tvb
2008-03-18 jakeAdd codeset 5 ETSI party catagory IE.
2008-03-18 jakeAdd consistent Bearer Capability layer identifications.
2008-03-17 stigExport get_column_custom_field from libwireshark.
2008-03-17 geraldFix a typo.
2008-03-17 etxrabFrom Martin Peylo:
2008-03-17 etxrabadd support for ND RDNSS (icmpv6)
2008-03-17 geraldFrom Anders: Add a couple of entries to libwireshark...
2008-03-17 morrissFix another crash from
2008-03-17 morrisspol_value->name was g_malloc()'d which meant we needed...
2008-03-17 geraldoid_get_default_mib_path() is present in libwireshark...
2008-03-17 morrissThere are several g_malloc()'d things hanging off x11_c...
2008-03-17 morrissFor Anders: add call_ber_oid_callback()
2008-03-17 morrissThere are several g_malloc()'d things hanging off ldasp...
2008-03-17 jakeFrom Abhik Sarkar:
2008-03-17 morrissMove the conversation addresses to the se_ allocator...
2008-03-16 morrissFix LDAP crash (on certain platforms) from bugs.wiresha...
2008-03-16 etxrabAdd register_ber_oid_dissector_handle to the exported...
2008-03-16 guySet rxinfo.epoch from the epoch, and then assign it...
2008-03-16 stigAdded a cast to make it compile.
2008-03-16 jakeFrom Gerhard Olsson:
2008-03-16 jakeFrom Peter Kjellerstedt
2008-03-16 jakeFrom Steve Karg:
2008-03-16 guyMap "dcp.*" preferences to "dccp.*".
2008-03-16 morrissFrom Chaskiel Grundman via
2008-03-16 morrissHave started_with_special_privs() assert out if get_cre...
2008-03-16 guyOops, missed one name change.