From Harald Welte:
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / wslua /
2012-01-29 etxrabAdd *.sbr files to the clean target.
2012-01-25 guyFix usage of g_ascii_strdown() and g_ascii_strup()...
2012-01-24 morrissFix
2012-01-13 alagoutteFix some Dereference of null pointer Warning found...
2011-11-08 cmaynardpacket_info's in_error_pkt is now a bitfield like in_gr...
2011-11-07 stigDo not return from within a TRY/CATCH/ENDTRY because...
2011-11-06 stigFrom Robert G. Jakabosky via bug 5575:
2011-10-31 stigNo need to ep_strdup a string to lua_pushstring.
2011-10-30 stigDon't ep_strdup the protocol name when register a disse...
2011-10-25 stigAllow signed integers displayed as BASE_HEX_DEC.
2011-10-25 stigAdded another Lua warning:
2011-10-25 stigAdded Lua error messages when:
2011-10-19 stigDuplicate Lua strings we put into the private_table.
2011-10-18 stigAdded a private hash table to transport string values...
2011-10-18 stigUse PINFO_GET_BOOLEAN for visited.
2011-10-13 stigAdded some Lua pinfo fields:
2011-10-02 stigFrom Alex Vallee via bug 6346:
2011-10-02 stigAdded register action for loading Lua plugins.
2011-08-25 stigDo case insensitive search for lua scripts to load.
2011-08-25 stigAdd a method to fetch protocol description.
2011-08-21 stigAdd some NSTime methods: add, sub and unm.
2011-08-19 stigIntroduce NSTime Lua object to handle nstime_t.
2011-08-11 morrissClarify that Tvb_reported_length_remaining may return -1
2011-08-11 morrissFrom Alexander Stein via
2011-08-10 morrissAdd a Tvb_reported_len Lua API; this may help satisfy...
2011-08-08 geraldLoad console.lua and dtd-gen.lua from an explicit path.
2011-08-07 jmayerReplace deprecated glib functions.
2011-07-04 etxrabFrom Michael Mann:
2011-06-28 stigFrom bug 6057:
2011-06-27 stigFrom bug 6057:
2011-06-25 stigFrom Tony Trinh via bug 6018:
2011-06-25 stigAdded check for invalid chars in abbrev in ProtoField...
2011-06-25 stigRemove "range" from Lua's Pref.range(), as this value...
2011-06-25 stigFrom Tony Trinh via bug 5894:
2011-06-23 stigFrom Tony Trinh via bug 5960:
2011-06-23 stigUse guint32 internally to store mask.
2011-06-23 stigRename Tvb_new_real to ByteArray_tvb, as it's a ByteArr...
2011-06-23 stigRename Tvb_tvb to TvbRange_tvb, as it's a TvbRange...
2011-06-01 geraldShow the plugin paths in Help→About→Plugins. Add a...
2011-05-27 morrissMake TVBs opaque for most users.
2011-05-18 morrissFix
2011-05-17 guyMore eradication of old-style function definitions.
2011-05-09 darkjamesComment out dead code.
2011-04-26 geraldget_host_ipaddr() was returning numeric addresses in...
2011-04-21 stigInclude config.h only from .c files.
2011-04-14 guyZero is zero is zero, as Gertrude Stein didn't say.
2011-04-05 morrissFrom Felix Kraemer: fix
2011-02-03 jakeFrom David Carne:
2011-02-02 wmeierA bit of Windows makefiles rework and cleanup:
2011-01-31 jakeAdd a Manual entry to the Lua menu.
2011-01-31 wmeierPut back a 'return' statement so GCC doesn't generate...
2011-01-30 wmeierFix a number of msvc level 4 "Unreachable code" warning...
2010-12-20 guyRename the routines that handle dissector tables with...
2010-12-10 rbalintMove wslua_plugin_list to epan/plugins.c, that should...
2010-12-09 rbalintDrop init_wslua.h from EXTRA_DIST
2010-12-09 rbalintAlways provide wslua_plugin_list, even if we don't...
2010-10-22 stigFrom Regis Cridlig via bug 5326:
2010-10-21 morrissAw, man, I knew this code was parsed, but I missed...
2010-10-21 morrissMake the indentation consistent.
2010-10-21 morrissFix up indentation to get it consistent and other minor...
2010-10-21 morrissFrom Holger Freyther via
2010-08-29 etxrabDoxygen changes.
2010-08-28 etxrabDoxygen changes.
2010-08-13 stigDo not load lua-scripts starting with '.'
2010-08-10 stigDeclare error as volatile to avoid warning on opensolaris:
2010-06-18 stigFix the check for disable_lua.
2010-06-17 stigEnable Lua by default.
2010-05-28 morrissFix the Windows build
2010-05-28 jmayerRemaining fixes for
2010-05-27 jmayerFix for the LUA part of bug
2010-05-21 guyHave abs_time_to_str() and abs_time_to_str_secs() take...
2010-05-14 morrissAdd Cmake stuff to the source distribution so more...
2010-05-12 etxrabFrom Tamas Regos:
2010-05-12 etxrabFrom Tamas Regos:
2010-04-20 stigFrom Tamas Regos via bug 4699:
2010-04-19 jakeFix for bug 4695:
2010-03-28 stigFrom Didier Gautheron via bug 4622:
2010-03-18 jmayercmake changes:
2010-02-28 stigAdded svn:ignore targets.
2010-02-22 stigHandle FT_PROTOCOL as ByteArray when used in a Field...
2010-01-28 wmeierFix various gcc -Wshadow warnings.
2010-01-13 etxrabFrom Didier Gautheron:
2010-01-07 stigMade more generic concat meta method for TvbRange,...
2010-01-06 stigAdded concat meta method for TvbRange, Int64 and UInt64.
2010-01-06 stigFix some documentation typos.
2010-01-05 stigAdded signed integer TvbRange methods.
2010-01-05 stigUse correct method names in TvbRange error messages.
2010-01-05 stigUse correct field types for signed integer.
2010-01-01 stigUse correct length for FT_STRINGZ when adding the item...
2010-01-01 stigAdd missing stringz tvbrange method.
2009-12-30 stigFrom babi via bug 4352:
2009-12-10 guyAdd an argument to abs_time_to_str() and abs_time_secs_...
2009-11-22 stigGive a warning for illegal preference name.
2009-11-07 jmayercmake will now honor -Werror if configured (default...
2009-10-24 stigLoad lua scripts from subdirectories in the plugins...
2009-10-23 stigAdded init_wslua.h
2009-10-23 stigLoad lua scripts in the plugins directory, both global...
2009-10-11 stigRemoved unused function tap_draw_cb_error_handler().
2009-10-11 stigMake more functions static.
2009-10-02 stigFrom Beth via bug 4049: