From Harald Welte:
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / tfs.h
2011-01-31 etxrabChange a bunch of value and tfs strings to not be prefi...
2011-01-26 etxrabAdd tfs_allowed_not_allowed.
2011-01-25 etxrabAdd tfs_reliable_not_reliable.
2011-01-17 etxrab- Remove debug printout.
2010-08-29 etxrabDoxygen changes.
2010-04-27 jakeAdd some more strings.
2009-07-07 stigRevert r28985 to fix tfs prototypes, as it doesn't...
2009-07-07 stigRemoved unused flags_set_truth.
2009-07-07 stigFix prototypes for default tfs sets.
2009-03-05 stigAddded tfs_used_notused.
2007-01-10 jakeExtending true_false_string support