From S. Ravi:
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / sigcomp_state_hdlr.c
2008-10-25 jakeFrom S. Ravi:
2007-03-28 sfisherRemove almost all of the casts I committed recently...
2007-03-26 sfisherFix a bunch more warnings. Add -Werror when using...
2007-03-22 ulflfix some more warnings
2006-12-05 etxrabFrom Cristian Constantin:
2006-05-21 sahlbergname change
2005-09-29 etxrabmake n a guint32 to not wrap around at 65536
2005-09-28 etxrabIt's the UDVM_MEMORY_SIZE that should be checked.
2005-09-09 ulflfix MSVC warning: sigcomp_state_hdlr.c(601) : warning...
2005-09-07 geraldAdd bounds checking in several places to the SigComp...
2005-08-08 ulflvarious code cleanup:
2005-08-02 jmayerSome warning fixes for "no previous declaration"
2005-06-16 etxrabFrom Paul Ollis:
2005-02-20 ulflfix a typo: lenght -> length
2005-01-24 etxrabBugfix incorect while condition from Mutsuya Irie
2004-12-20 jmayerAdd NL to last line
2004-11-23 etxrabDon't free string that don't need it. Added filter...
2004-11-22 etxrabFix some memmory leaks
2004-11-21 etxrabClean-up hash table at reloading of file.
2004-11-21 etxrabFree the statebuff and the string
2004-11-16 etxrabImplemented state-create, handling of g_hash_table...
2004-10-08 etxrabAdd sigcomp Universal Decompressor Virtual Machine...