From Harald Welte:
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / guid-utils.c
2009-10-25 etxrabFrom Jakub Zawadzki:
2009-04-08 geraldsize_t fixes.
2008-12-20 wmeierFix some typos and spelling (mostly in text strings)
2008-06-30 morrissMove privileges.c and unicode-utils.c from epan to...
2007-03-22 ulflfix some more warnings
2006-09-22 geraldAdd support for reading from stdin under Windows. ...
2006-08-27 ulflsquelch some compiler warnings
2006-08-19 guySquelch a compiler warning.
2006-08-18 sahlbergchange the guid mapping code to use a tree isntead...
2006-08-17 ulflsome further work on the GUID/UUID resolvings
2006-08-16 ulflvarious UUID/GUID based changes.