Fix various typos and spelling errors.
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / dissectors / packet-sabp.c
2010-12-06 wmeierFix various typos and spelling errors.
2010-11-17 etxrab- Use SABP:s SCTP ppid.
2010-05-11 morrissAdd a little more code to avoid not-very-useful blurbs:
2010-05-05 etxrabCalculate correct PDU lenght if the per_length_determin...
2010-04-07 wmeier#include <string.h> and/or #include <stdio.h> not needed.
2010-04-06 wmeier#include <stdio.h> not needed.
2010-03-20 dimegFix for Bug 4588:
2010-01-27 wmeierRemove a check_col() in asn1 template file (SVN #31519...
2010-01-13 etxrabFrom Didier Gautheron:
2009-12-23 etxrabUpdate to V9.0.0 (2009-12)
2009-11-27 dimegExpert info when E.212 MCC/MNC contain non-decimal...
2009-06-18 stigFrom Kovarththanan Rajaratnam via bug 3548:
2009-05-16 stigRegenerate all asn2wrs generated dissectors.
2009-03-25 etxrabMake it possible to check for extension marker in SEQUE...
2009-02-07 wmeier#include <epan/conversation.h> and/or #include <epan...
2008-12-18 wmeierFix various typos and spelling errors (mostly in text...
2008-11-04 wmeierasn2wrs generated files changed as a result of recent...
2008-11-01 etxrabRegenerate all asn2wrs generated dissectors
2008-07-24 etxrabGet rid of unused code warnings.
2008-04-09 etxrabRemove:
2008-03-19 etxrabFix bug
2008-03-13 martinmMake SABP work over registered ports.
2007-10-29 kukosaasn2wrs
2007-09-18 kukosaPER: fix bitstring handling if SIZE(n) where n<=16
2007-09-17 kukosaadd missing file and change file attributes