Work out better whether RLC segment is a complete upper-layer PDU or not.
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / dissectors / packet-rlc-lte.c
2010-06-17 martinmWork out better whether RLC segment is a complete upper...
2010-06-10 martinmAdd the direction to so expert info texts.
2010-04-30 martinmTrivial: Update AUTHORS entry, remove out-of-date comme...
2010-04-21 martinmPut offset++ back in again.
2010-04-20 martinmFrom Pascal Quantin:
2010-04-03 wmeierRemove unneeded #include <stdio.h>
2010-03-15 morrissDeclare sip_uri_offset_init() as returning void and...
2010-03-09 martinmWrite context fields inside own subtree.
2010-03-07 etxrabUse strtok_s on windows and strtok_r otherwise.
2010-03-04 martinmReport accurate NACK count in stats (although not all...
2010-03-04 martinmCheck that we haven't gone over MAX_NACKs!
2010-03-03 wmeierFix a gcc -Wshadow warning.
2010-03-03 martinmFix re-NACk detection by updating channel *after* have...
2010-03-03 martinmIts convenient to be able to filter on mac-lte.ulsch...
2010-03-02 guySquelch some compiler warnings, clean up indentation...
2010-02-28 stigAdded svn:ignore targets.
2010-02-01 martinmAdd a preference that allows the LTE RLC dissector...
2010-01-25 stigFrom Didier Gautheron via bug 4420:
2010-01-25 stigFrom Didier Gautheron via bug 4419:
2010-01-22 wmeierFixes for gcc -Wshadow warnings; Fix indentation and...
2010-01-20 martinmAdd initial version of LTE RLC stats dialog.
2010-01-08 martinmDon't crash by calling null RRC dissector because TM...
2010-01-06 martinmFrom Pascal Quantin: some typo fixes
2010-01-04 martinmAdded casts wanted by win64 compiler.
2010-01-04 martinmStart to supply data for an RLC tap.
2009-12-07 martinmFrom Pascal Quantin. Add support a UDP framing format...
2009-12-04 martinmShow whether NACK is full or partial in expert info.
2009-11-25 martinmSet extent of AM header root properly when there are...
2009-11-19 martinmDissect SRB2 as PDCP signalling too.
2009-11-18 martinmTrivial: comment update
2009-11-17 martinmResuse struct for PDCP info when redissecting.
2009-11-16 martinmShow data-less PDUs are Error rather than warning.
2009-11-16 martinmAllow LTE RRC dissector to call PDCP/RRC dissectors...
2009-11-03 martinmShow how many NACKs appeared in status message root.
2009-10-30 martinmSequence number should be displayed in DEC, not HEX!
2009-10-29 martinmTidy up info column output showing partial NACK.
2009-09-15 martinmAdd more summary to top-level item.
2009-09-11 martinmAdd more useful summary info to RLC root. Useful mostl...
2009-09-10 martinmAdd the option to call RLC dissector for LCID 1&2.
2009-08-04 martinmShow number of predefined bytes in info column.
2009-07-13 martinmRemove calls to check_col().
2009-07-07 martinmAdd expert item to warn of AM data PDUs that don't...
2009-06-18 stigFrom Kovarththanan Rajaratnam via bug 3548:
2009-06-17 martinmTrivial prettifications
2009-06-15 martinmShow data-segment info in info column.
2009-06-11 martinmSet length of proto item for status pdu.
2009-06-07 martinmCheck for leftover bytes following Status PDU.
2009-04-29 martinmSequence analysis is only for UM channels for now.
2009-04-15 geraldFix the Buildbot.
2009-04-15 wmeierpacket-rlc-lte.c: keep vc6 happy: use gboolean instead...
2009-04-14 etxrabguint8 -> guint16
2009-04-14 martinmBegin to do some per-channel sequence analysis (so...
2009-03-11 martinmBe careful not to show not-relevant context info.
2009-02-19 martinmFrom Vincent Helfre:
2009-02-11 martinmAdd expert item to NACKs in AM status PDUs.
2009-02-04 martinmDon't show channel ID in info column for common channels
2009-01-22 martinmMake AM polling bit more prominent.
2009-01-21 martinmHandle "predefined" frames (when this mode is set just...
2009-01-16 martinmSome more AM updates.
2009-01-16 martinmSome AM fixes.
2009-01-08 kukosaget rid of few signed/unsigned mishmash warnings to...
2009-01-05 martinmAdd RLC LTE dissector.