Fix bugs related to Nounce IE dissection.
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / dissectors / packet-nas_eps.c
2011-11-22 etxrabFix bugs related to Nounce IE dissection.
2011-11-17 etxrabFix "With the current changes NAS messages with the...
2011-10-30 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2011-10-25 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin.
2011-10-21 wmeierFor proto_tree_add_item(..., proto_xxx, ...)use ENC_NA...
2011-10-16 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin.
2011-10-13 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin.
2011-10-12 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin.
2011-10-04 wmeierUse ENC_NA as encoding for proto_tree_add_item() calls...
2011-09-23 etxrabTighten the check on wheter a message really is chipere...
2011-09-11 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2011-08-16 cmaynardUse col_append_sep_str() to comma-separate info column...
2011-07-15 wmeierFix gcc 4.6 "set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variabl...
2011-05-17 cmaynardAll ELEM_MAND_* macros ensure curr_len > 0; no need...
2011-04-27 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2011-04-04 etxrabGet rid of gsm_a_dtap_pinfo.
2011-04-04 etxrabChange the signature of elem_fcn():ns to include pinfo.
2011-04-04 etxrabChange the msg_fcn() signature to include pinfo.
2011-02-22 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2011-02-10 etxrab- Add message name to info col in case of SERVICE REQUEST.
2011-01-25 etxrabExport de_emm_trac_area_id.
2011-01-12 etxrabSet gsm_a_dtap_pinfo->link_dir to get proper dissection...
2011-01-12 etxrabUpdate a value_string.
2011-01-07 etxrabAdd dissection of more IE:s
2010-12-27 etxrabTry to apiece the Ubuntu buildbot.
2010-12-27 etxrabmove the enum to packet-gsm_a_common to
2010-11-29 etxrabFrom Vincent Helfre:
2010-11-16 etxrabThe IPv6 "element" in PDN address information element...
2010-10-17 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2010-10-10 wmeierDefine some fcns & vars as static ...
2010-10-06 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2010-09-29 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2010-09-23 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2010-09-22 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2010-09-06 stigFrom Pascal Quantin via bug 5186:
2010-08-16 etxrabTypo - wrong IE code for APN aggregate maximum bit...
2010-07-28 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2010-07-06 etxrabAdd miising else handling a zero msg_auth_code.
2010-06-29 etxrabAllow dissection if not ciphered.
2010-06-20 jakeFrom KATAOKA Toshihiro:
2010-06-09 wmeierDo some constifying (based upon gcc -Wwrite-strings...
2010-06-03 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2010-06-01 stigFixed a comment.
2010-06-01 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2010-05-27 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2010-05-24 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2010-04-19 etxrabMore updates towards V9.2.0 (2010-04).
2010-04-19 etxrabFrom KATAOKA Toshihiro:
2010-03-20 dimegFix for Bug 4588:
2010-03-07 etxrabUse strtok_s on windows and strtok_r otherwise.
2010-01-28 etxrabActivate dedicated EPS bearer context accept may have...
2010-01-18 wmeierFix some gcc -Wshadow warnings ....
2009-12-29 dimegFrom Pascal Quantin:
2009-12-03 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2009-11-27 dimegExpert info when E.212 MCC/MNC contain non-decimal...
2009-11-04 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2009-11-03 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2009-11-03 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2009-11-02 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin :
2009-10-05 etxrabChange a refrerence.
2009-10-02 etxrabUpdate to 3GPP TS 24.301 V9.0.0 (2009-09)
2009-09-24 krj* Prefer col_append_str instead of col_append_fstr...
2009-09-17 etxrabFix bug in IE decoding.
2009-09-15 wmeierSave some memory: Don't statically allocate ett[] array...
2009-08-20 etxrabFrom Harald Welte :
2009-06-18 stigFrom Kovarththanan Rajaratnam via bug 3548:
2009-06-16 tuexenSuggested by Anders...
2009-06-11 etxrabUpdates to Jun spec. version.
2009-06-06 etxrabHandle Detach and Service request, make it possible...
2009-04-28 etxrabDissect IMSI.
2009-04-27 etxrabBug fixes.
2009-04-26 etxrabMore IE decoding and bug fixes.
2009-04-25 etxrabMore IE decoding.
2009-04-24 etxrabTry to get the security context right.
2009-04-22 etxrabFix a typo.
2009-04-21 wmeierReplace some non-ascii characters in comment
2009-04-20 guySquelch some warnings.
2009-04-20 etxrabMore IE decoding, expect messages to be integrity prote...
2009-04-16 etxrabFix bugs found with the aid of Gianluca Verin.
2009-04-14 etxrabDissect PDN address, fix typos.
2009-03-31 etxrabFix a typo.
2009-03-30 etxrabDissect security protected NAS message(un ciphered).
2009-03-30 etxrabExtention and bug fixes.
2009-03-23 etxrabSome updates and bug fixes.
2009-03-22 etxrabDissect all the ESM messages.
2009-03-20 guyproto_item_append_string() actually appends to the...
2009-03-20 martinmFix broken linux build.
2009-03-20 etxrabFurther NAS updates.
2009-03-19 etxrabMore NAS EPS updates and bugfixes.
2009-03-18 etxrab- Fix APDU dissection.
2009-03-17 etxrabFix a typo.
2009-03-04 guyFix typo that caused compiler warnings.
2009-03-04 etxrab- Use correct length in TLV-E and LV-E.
2009-03-03 etxrabUse correct length.
2009-01-13 wmeierFix some indentation
2009-01-07 etxrabSome bugfixes and minor updates.
2009-01-06 etxrabUpdate to Rel 8.
2009-01-01 etxrabSome more NAS updates.
2008-12-23 etxrabImplement TLV-E and LV-E type IE dissection (2 byte...
2008-12-23 guyDon't use fancy quote characters that don't fit in...