From Yaniv Kaul: SPICE dissector
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / dissectors / Makefile.common
2011-09-29 wmeierFrom Yaniv Kaul: SPICE dissector
2011-09-27 alagoutteFrom mtwire via
2011-09-25 stigFrom Glenn Matthews via bug 6319:
2011-09-23 wmeierPut packet-vlan back into Makefile.common (to go with...
2011-09-21 galBasic RDP dissection, which can dissect the connection...
2011-09-08 etxrabfrom Leonard Tracy:
2011-09-06 etxrabRename Jabber -> XMPP
2011-08-11 sahlbergGenerate the MISC definitions for dcerpc and include...
2011-08-09 alagoutteFrom Allison via
2011-08-09 alagoutteFrom Allison via
2011-08-05 alagoutteUpdate pflog dissector via
2011-06-22 wmeierFrom Xiao Xiangquan: A new dissector for Vuze DHT;
2011-06-21 etxrabFrom Stéphane Gorse:
2011-06-20 geraldFrom Jon Ellch via bug 5175:
2011-06-09 darkjames- Replace jpeg_jfif decoder, with more generic mime_fil...
2011-06-07 wmeierFrom Daniel Willmann: Lontalk protocol (EIA-709.1)
2011-06-07 etxrabMove packet-sercosiii.c to be a builtin dissector.
2011-06-07 wmeierFrom Daniel Willmann: dissector for EIA-852 protocol...
2011-06-04 etxrabFrom Michael Mann:
2011-05-31 guyFrom Roland Knall: openSAFETY dissector.
2011-05-27 stigOne more still dirty.
2011-05-27 stigMoved nbap and pcap back as dirty dissectors.
2011-05-27 stigTry building some ASN.1 dissectors as clean.
2011-05-26 morrissFrom Florian Fainelli via
2011-05-12 morrissFrom Johannes Jochen via
2011-05-10 cmaynardAdd USB/AT dissector, submitted by Tyson Key via bug...
2011-05-05 wmeierpacket-xtp.h used only in packet-xtp.c; Move packet...
2011-04-28 etxrabFrom Hans-Christoph Schemmel:
2011-04-25 morrissFrom Loránd Jakab via
2011-04-19 alagoutteFrom Xiao Xiangquan via
2011-04-16 etxrabFrom Neil Piercy:
2011-04-16 etxrabAdd a basic ROCH dissector.
2011-04-10 gerald1.5.1 → 1.5.2. Reenable Babel.
2011-04-10 geraldBuild 1.5.1. Temporarily disable the Babel dissector.
2011-04-08 sfisherFrom Juliusz Chroboczek via bug #5812: Dissector for...
2011-04-05 cmaynardAdd ICMP tap support, and add a tshark tap to measure...
2011-04-05 morrissFrom Felix Kraemer: fix
2011-03-26 jakeFrom Alexis La Goutte:
2011-03-16 etxrabFrom Roland Knall:
2011-03-12 stigUse TRUE/FALSE for encoding_info to make it build.
2011-03-07 wmeierFrom Martin Kaiser: dissector for DVB-CI (Common Interface)
2011-02-28 etxrabgit-svn-id:
2011-02-25 etxrabRevert file commited by misstake.
2011-02-25 etxrabVerify tools fails if wireshark-win32-libs does not...
2011-02-23 morrissFrom Alexis La Goutte via
2011-02-20 stigRenamed x411 to p1, x420 to p22 and s4406 to p772 to...
2011-02-04 kukosaErlang Port Mapper Daemon protocol updated and Erlang...
2011-02-03 morrissInclude packet-tetra.h in the source distribution.
2011-02-02 etxrabIntegrate and build the tetra dissector.
2011-02-02 etxrabMove gprscdr to dissectors with warnings.
2011-02-02 etxrabBuild gsmcdr.
2011-01-30 stigMoved packet-t38.c to the ASN.1 section.
2011-01-26 jakeFrom Brian Ginsbach:
2011-01-22 jakeFrom Loránd Jakab:
2011-01-11 jakeFrom Slava K:
2011-01-10 wmeierMove some DISSECTOR_SRC & DISSECTOR_INCLUDES entries...
2011-01-09 etxrabPut sgsap in the right place.
2011-01-02 krjFrom Allan M. Madsen via. bug 5445:
2010-12-31 cmaynardFrom Jakub Zawadzki via bug 4753: New dissector: JSON...
2010-12-26 etxrabStart of a SGSAP (TS 29.118) dissector for LTE.
2010-11-30 morrissOh yeah, there's a reason we don't put targets in Makef...
2010-11-29 morrissMove some checkapi targets into Makefile.common
2010-11-22 morrissFrom Stephane Bryant via
2010-11-18 sfisherFrom Jon Ellch via bug #5175: Add PPI-GPS protocol...
2010-11-17 morrissFrom Toralf Foerster via
2010-11-17 morrissFrom Slava via
2010-11-10 sfisherResolve bug #2254: Migrate the 802.1q VLAN dissector...
2010-10-28 morrissFrom Alexis La Goutte via
2010-10-25 wmeierFrom Jouni Malinen: preliminary version of Wi-Fi P2P...
2010-10-25 morrissFrom Thomas Boehne via
2010-10-21 jakeFrom Sven Schnelle:
2010-10-20 morrissFrom Alexis La Goutte via
2010-10-18 wmeierFrom Holger Grandy: ETCH dissector
2010-10-17 stigFrom Shoichi Sakane via bug 5270:
2010-10-14 geraldFrom Johannes Berg via bug 4421:
2010-10-10 wmeierDefine some fcns & vars as static; Some #includes not...
2010-10-10 wmeierCombine packet-opsi.h with packet-opsi.c (since not...
2010-10-02 wmeierMinor cleanup:
2010-09-30 jakeFrom Stéphane Bryant:
2010-09-22 stigFrom Lukasz Kotasa and Lukasz Suchy via bug 5248:
2010-08-27 stigFrom Owen Kirby via bug 5149:
2010-08-27 stigFrom Christian Durrer via bug 5155:
2010-08-17 wmeierFrom Tom Hughes: FastCGI dissector.
2010-08-16 sfisherModernize the SONMP ("SynOptics Network Management...
2010-07-26 wmeierpacket-mip6.h has been removed....
2010-07-19 guyInitial support for Network Monitor 802.11 radio header.
2010-07-07 jmayerSynchronize dissector lists between CMakeLists.txt and
2010-06-29 guyInclude packet-gtp.h in the release tarball.
2010-06-29 etxrabAdd "End Marker" get rid of the .h file as no one impor...
2010-06-28 etxrabDissect more GTPV2 IE's
2010-06-23 wmeierFrom Haakon Nessjoen: New dissector for Digiums TDMoE...
2010-06-22 stigFrom Håkon Nessjøen via bug 4899:
2010-06-19 stigFrom tieuthunhi via bug 4887:
2010-06-13 geraldAdd a Gopher (RFC 1436) dissector.
2010-06-09 stigAdded packet-idmp.h.
2010-06-09 galSupport for X.519 (section 9) Internet Directly Mapped...
2010-06-04 stigFrom Holger Freyther via bug 4841:
2010-06-03 wmeierFrom Sven Eckelmann: Synchronize bat dissector with...
2010-06-02 geraldFrom Sven Eckelmann via but 2631:
2010-06-01 geraldFrom Michael Bernhard via bug 3398 with minor fixups: