From Benjamin Roch:
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / dissectors / Makefile.common
2008-12-10 jakeFrom Benjamin Roch:
2008-11-27 etxrabAdd the base for a LTE NAS PDU dissector.
2008-11-26 etxrabFrom Michael Lum:
2008-11-20 etxrabFrom Johnny Mitrevski:
2008-11-15 etxrabFrom Abhik Sarkar:
2008-11-15 etxrabMake it easy to add custom dissectors.
2008-11-11 etxrabDissect part ofconfiguration parameter in SDP for MP4V-ES.
2008-11-10 wmeierpacket-nbap.h no longer used
2008-10-30 stigAdded support for RPCAP message formats.
2008-10-15 wmeierFrom David Castleford (with some changes by Bill Meier...
2008-10-13 etxrabFrom Martin Lutz:
2008-10-06 etxrabRemove experimental dissector.
2008-10-06 etxrabFrom Sven Eckelmann:
2008-10-06 etxrabFrom Kari Tiirikainen:
2008-10-02 jakeFrom Frank Kingswood:
2008-10-01 sahlbergadd a new protocol GPEF. This implements the blobs in
2008-10-01 sahlbergmark LSA as a autogenerated (and thus warningprone...
2008-09-30 etxrabFrom Wade Hennessey:
2008-09-30 etxrabFrom Ben Greear:
2008-09-29 etxrabFrom Joan Ramio:
2008-09-29 etxrabFrom Jelmer Vernooij:
2008-09-25 jakeFrom Sagar Pai:
2008-09-02 guyOK, let's see if the x509sat dissector is clean.
2008-08-26 guyGive macros and libraries names that imply that clean...
2008-08-26 guyFix some macro name errors.
2008-08-26 guyGet rid of an unused variable in the P7 dissector.
2008-08-24 etxrabFrom Neil Piercy:
2008-08-19 etxrabFrom Neil Piercy:
2008-08-14 etxrabFrom Siva Jupudi:
2008-08-13 kukosasupply dissected XML structure to caller dissector
2008-08-13 etxrabFrom Fabrizio Bertocci:
2008-08-12 etxrabFrom Alexey Neyman:
2008-08-09 stigFrom Brooss (bug 2373):
2008-08-07 jakeFrom Ryan Wamsley:
2008-08-07 etxrabActivate the IPMI changes
2008-08-06 sahlbergin nfs name to filehandle mappings
2008-08-04 etxrabFrom Neil Piercy:
2008-08-04 etxrabFirst step to split the gsm_a dissector into several...
2008-08-01 etxrabFrom st├ęphane bryant:
2008-08-01 etxrabFix packet-gprs-llc.c:413: warning: format '%lu' expect...
2008-07-25 etxrabFrom David Aggeler:
2008-07-17 morrissWe require GLIB-2 now so there's no need to attempt...
2008-07-15 jakeFrom Joe Eykholt:
2008-07-15 guyMove the OSI transport protocol dissectors (ISO 8073...
2008-07-15 jakeFix for revision 25730:
2008-07-15 guyCTDB isn't an ASN.1-based protocol.
2008-07-14 guyList the ERF dissector as one of the "clean" dissectors...
2008-07-08 sakeFrom Randy McEoin (bug 2654):
2008-06-22 stigFrom Sven Eckelmann (bug 2632):
2008-06-04 etxrabA basic mp4v-es dissector.
2008-05-20 martinmEnable FP R7 support.
2008-05-14 jakeFrom Steve Karg:
2008-04-24 etxrabUse cairo-1.6.4-1 and pango-dev-1.20.2
2008-04-20 stigFrom Rolf Fiedler (bug 2408):
2008-04-19 stigFrom Shigeo Nakamura (bug 2466):
2008-04-16 ulfladd packet-h263.h
2008-04-15 richardvsplit the various bits of h263 dissector into separate...
2008-04-14 jmayerpacket-ieee802154.c will create a warning using gcc 4.3
2008-04-12 stigFrom Philip Frey (bug 2443):
2008-04-10 jakeTurbocell dissector, initially by Colin Slater for...
2008-03-16 guyOops, missed one name change.
2008-03-16 guyOK, now use DCCP rather than DCP for the Datagram Conge...
2008-03-15 guyRename Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse protocol...
2008-03-10 jakeFrom Dick Gooris:
2008-03-06 morrissFrom Florian Lohoff via
2008-03-05 etxrabFrom Owen Kirby :
2008-03-03 etxrabInclude the "UTRAN Iupc interface Positioning Calculati...
2008-02-27 morrissFrom Holger Pfrommer via
2008-02-27 morrissFrom Sven Meier (on -dev in 6/2007):
2008-02-06 stigFrom Thomas Dreibholz (bug 2248):
2008-02-03 stigFrom Shane Kearns (bug 2237):
2008-01-27 etxrabMake it possible to do subdissection of Diameter AVP...
2008-01-11 jakeFrom Yukiyo Akisada:
2008-01-10 morrissFrom Andy Chu: A dissector for China Mobile Point to...
2008-01-03 etxrabBuild x2ap and s1ap - needs more work, untested as...
2007-12-29 sfisherAdd preliminary dissector for network protocol used...
2007-12-28 guyRename packet-pce.c to packet-pcep.c to match the proto...
2007-12-23 jakeFrom Silvia Cristina Tejedor:
2007-12-18 guyFold the Prism and AVS header dissectors into packet...
2007-12-17 sfisherFrom metatech:
2007-12-16 guyFor captures on a Linux GRE interface, put a field...
2007-12-16 stigFrom Fulko Hew:
2007-12-13 jmayerAdd airopeek dissector
2007-12-10 jakeFrom Masatake YAMATO:
2007-12-03 etxrabDissect RTP payload of H.264 and SDP profile-leve-id...
2007-11-23 guyInclude packet-wps.h, so it's part of the source tarball.
2007-11-23 stigFrom Jens Braeuer:
2007-11-17 galBasic P7 (X.400 Message Store Access Protocol) dissecti...
2007-11-11 etxrabFrom Valery Sigalov:
2007-11-06 sfisherWake on LAN (WOL): New dissector from Chris Maynard...
2007-11-02 kukosanew H.282 (RDC) and H.283 (LCT) dissectors
2007-10-29 sahlbergadd a asn2wrs generated T.125 MCP dissector
2007-10-29 sahlbergadd x224 to the makefile
2007-10-26 kukosaH.501 Mobility protocol implemented
2007-10-24 guypacket-diameter.c should now compile without warnings...
2007-10-22 martinmRemove the no-longer-used packet-diameter-defs.h
2007-10-18 kukosaH.460 new dissector implemented (H.460.2-H.460.22)
2007-10-17 kukosaadd forgotten packet-h323.h
2007-10-17 kukosanew H.323 dissector
2007-10-15 etxrabMake MGCP a builtin dissector to reduce the number...