new Q.932 and QSIG dissectors
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / dissectors / Makefile.common
2007-04-27 kukosanew Q.932 and QSIG dissectors
2007-04-27 jakeFrom Bingyao Du:
2007-04-14 standelmove ipsec to DISSECTOR_SRC
2007-04-14 standelfix MacOSX gcc-3.3 warnings about unused tfs/value_stri...
2007-04-14 jmayerBeginnings of a Cisco ERSPAN dissector - the only thing...
2007-04-13 standelmove to CLEAN_DISSECTOR_SRC
2007-04-13 standelfix some gcc warnings and put dissectors in CLEAN_DISSE...
2007-04-13 sfisherFix various warnings
2007-04-12 standelmove dissectors which compiles without any warning...
2007-04-06 sahlberginitial CTDB dissector
2007-04-03 standelFrom metatech :
2007-04-03 standelCreation of ALL_DISSECTORS_SRC including all dissectors...
2007-04-03 standeldelete packet-drda.c
2007-04-03 standelepan/dissectors/Makefile is now building four libraries :
2007-03-25 legomigrate packet-megaco.c from plugins/megaco to epan...
2007-03-25 sahlbergFrom Martin Sustrik
2007-03-22 sahlbergFrom Shaun J
2007-03-10 morrissFrom Joost Yervante Damad via bug 1383: support for...
2007-03-08 legoactually compile H.248.7
2007-03-07 legoanother (very small) H.248 package, H.248.10 : Media...
2007-03-05 etxrabFrom Mikael Magnusson:
2007-03-04 jmayerThe beginnings of a TAPA dissector (Trapeze Access...
2007-03-01 legoThose two spaces before sdp were bctp (Q.1990), a proto...
2007-02-18 girlichAdded a DTPT (DekTop PassThrough) dissector.
2007-02-16 ulflmajor code cleanup:
2007-02-14 jmayerDissect the Cisco proprietary encapsulation of IPSEC...
2007-02-01 sahlbergIan Schorr <>
2007-01-17 morrissFrom Sebastien Tandel: Support for the dissection of...
2007-01-13 galNew protocol dissector for PKCS#12 - Personal Informati...
2006-12-19 jakeFrom Sebastien Tandel:
2006-12-14 sfisherFrom Stig Bjorlykke:
2006-12-13 sfisherFrom Marc Petit-Huguenin:
2006-11-27 sahlbergbreak the SCSI SBC commandset out into its own dissector
2006-11-25 etxrabFrom Julian Cable:
2006-11-23 sahlbergbreak the SCSI SMC commandset out into its own dissector
2006-11-22 sahlbergbreak the SCSI SSC commandset out into its own dissector
2006-11-15 jakeAdding ISC Object Management API dissector
2006-11-06 sahlbergnew acn dissector from Bill Florac
2006-11-05 geraldAdd packet-dcerpc-nspi.h to the distribution.
2006-10-31 sahlberg new protocol NBD NetworkBlockDevice
2006-10-30 sahlbergstart splitting the monolitic scsi dissector up into...
2006-10-28 jakeBased on RFC3488. This is a setup for RGMP dissection...
2006-10-18 jakeFrom Shaun Jackman
2006-10-18 sahlbergnew dissector : usb mass storage
2006-10-18 sahlbergmove some defines to packet-usb.h so that they can...
2006-10-12 jakeAdding initial version of UDLD dissector
2006-10-10 etxrabAdd H.248 packet BCP dissecton.
2006-10-10 sahlbergFrom Paolo Abeni
2006-10-07 jmayerStephen Fisher:
2006-10-04 etxrabFrom Martin Peylo:
2006-10-03 legoH.248 packages...
2006-09-29 sahlbergadd initial scsi osd dissector but only dissect sdbs...
2006-09-28 sahlbergFrom stephen fisher:
2006-09-27 sahlbergadd new dcerpc protocol WZCSVC based on samba4 idl
2006-09-18 jakeFrom Francesco Fondelli:
2006-09-04 martinmPartial implementation of UMTS FP. Currently only...
2006-09-02 sahlbergFrom David Buechi
2006-08-29 geraldAdd a missing file.
2006-08-28 geraldFix a typo.
2006-08-26 sahlberginitial PNG dissector (Portable Network Graphics)
2006-08-25 etxrabFrom Erwin Rol:
2006-08-24 etxrabBSSGP: Wrong length on IE and preparation to export...
2006-08-22 etxrabFrom David Buechi:
2006-08-18 sahlbergfrom stephen f
2006-08-15 jmayerMark Lewis <>
2006-08-10 jmayerErwin Rol:
2006-08-08 etxrabRoutines for Universal Mobile Telecommunications System...
2006-08-02 etxrabFrom Stephen Fisher:
2006-07-28 etxrabFrom Sean Sheedy:
2006-07-28 etxrabFrom Martin Mathieson:
2006-07-14 sahlbergnew protocol PANA from
2006-07-13 sahlbergfrom Krzysztof Burghardt
2006-07-06 jmayerNew dissector for the cisco wireless ids communication...
2006-07-03 sahlbergfrom Stephen Fisher
2006-06-27 sahlbergfrom Authesserre Samuel
2006-06-09 sahlbergFrom Thomas Dreibholz
2006-06-04 jmayerAdd some rudimentary dissector for what seems to be
2006-06-02 etxrabFrom Kees Cook:
2006-05-28 sahlbergbasic sdp dissector for the bluetooth stack
2006-05-27 sahlbergthe bluetooth SCO transport layer from the affix blueto...
2006-05-27 sahlberginitial bluetooth rfcomm dissector.
2006-05-26 sahlbergprotocols running atop ACL/L2CAP needs to be able to...
2006-05-21 sahlbergname change
2006-05-16 sahlbergadd dissection of the bluetooth btl2cap layer
2006-05-14 sahlbergadd bluetooth acl dissection
2006-05-14 sahlbergbluetooth hci event dissector
2006-05-10 etxrabAdd 3GPP Radio Resource LCS Protocol (RRLP) packet...
2006-05-10 sahlbergfrom Christoph Scholz's bluetooth patch
2006-05-09 sahlbergAdd the first layer of the bluetooth stack dissecting...
2006-05-02 etxrabMakefiles for OMA UserPlane Location Protocol packet...
2006-04-14 etxrabFrom Martin Mathieson:
2006-04-08 ulfladd packet-dcom-dispatch.h
2006-04-05 etxrabAdd a dissector for Nortels LGE Monitor protocol.
2006-03-27 etxrabFrom Jacques, Olivier
2006-03-11 legouse se_trees instead of GHashTables,
2006-03-05 galACP133 attribute syntaxes and attribute definitions...
2006-02-09 geraldRe-enable the PacketCable RADIUS code and add a few...
2006-02-05 jmayerBuildbot found:
2006-01-26 etxrabAdd the abillity to translate MCC.
2006-01-05 jmayerForgot to add packet-oicq.c