From Harald Welte:
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / asn1.c
2009-10-25 etxrabFrom Jakub Zawadzki:
2007-12-28 kukosasupport for additionally SIZE constrained Typereference
2007-08-29 kukosaASN.1 parameterization handling (1st raw implementation)
2007-07-18 kukosarose_ctx_t structure usage in Q.932 dissector
2007-05-17 standelinclude string.h to import memcpy and memset functions...
2007-05-14 kukosa- more variants of dissect_per_open_type_*()
2007-05-04 kukosamissing asn1.c file
2007-01-10 kukosamove asn1.c/.h files into plugins/asn1 directory as...
2006-05-21 sahlbergname change
2006-03-11 sahlberginclude emem.h
2006-03-07 legoep_strdup stack buffer before returning it.
2005-09-20 geraldFix a couple of errors found by valgrind.
2005-08-08 ulflvarious code cleanup:
2005-08-06 geraldIn packet-frame.c, don't free static memory when we...
2005-07-23 jmayerMore 'char*' -> 'const char*' changes to fix warnings.
2005-02-09 lrolandMove the following files from /trunk to /trunk/epan: