From Juliusz Chroboczek via bug #5812: Dissector for the Babel Routing
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / CMakeLists.txt
2011-04-08 sfisherFrom Juliusz Chroboczek via bug #5812: Dissector for...
2011-03-26 jakeFrom Alexis La Goutte:
2011-03-08 jmayerAdd support for Mikrotiks Neigbor Discovery Protocol...
2011-03-07 wmeierFrom Martin Kaiser: dissector for DVB-CI (Common Interface)
2011-02-20 stigRenamed x411 to p1, x420 to p22 and s4406 to p772 to...
2011-02-04 kukosaErlang Port Mapper Daemon protocol updated and Erlang...
2011-02-02 etxrabIntegrate and build the tetra dissector.
2011-01-26 stigCorrected entry for packet-lisp-data.c
2011-01-26 jakeFrom Brian Ginsbach:
2011-01-22 jakeFrom Loránd Jakab:
2011-01-11 jakeFrom Slava K:
2011-01-01 krjAdd packet-json.c
2010-12-31 stigWhops, packet-sgsap.c is not ASN1.
2010-12-31 stigAdded missing packet-sgsap.c
2010-11-22 morrissFrom Stephane Bryant via
2010-11-22 jmayerAdd new files to cmake as well
2010-11-17 morrissFrom Toralf Foerster via
2010-11-17 morrissFrom Slava via
2010-11-10 jmayerfollow up commit 34838 (get rid of packet-vlan.?
2010-10-28 morrissFrom Alexis La Goutte via
2010-10-25 wmeierFrom Jouni Malinen: preliminary version of Wi-Fi P2P...
2010-10-25 morrissFrom Thomas Boehne via
2010-10-21 jakeFrom Sven Schnelle:
2010-10-20 morrissFrom Alexis La Goutte via
2010-10-18 wmeierFrom Holger Grandy: ETCH dissector
2010-10-17 stigFrom Shoichi Sakane via bug 5270:
2010-10-14 stigAdded packet-radiotap-iter.c
2010-10-01 jmayer- Reorder how packagetests are run
2010-09-23 jmayerH. Sivank <>
2010-09-22 stigFrom Lukasz Kotasa and Lukasz Suchy via bug 5248:
2010-08-27 stigFrom Owen Kirby via bug 5149:
2010-08-27 stigFrom Christian Durrer via bug 5155:
2010-08-17 jmayerCommit 33815 renamed packet-nt-sonmp.c to packet-ndp.c
2010-08-17 wmeierFrom Tom Hughes: FastCGI dissector.
2010-07-20 jmayerAdd dissectors/packet-netmon-802_11.c
2010-07-07 jmayerSome dissectors are added in dissectors/dcerpc/CMakeLis...
2010-07-07 jmayerSynchronize dissector lists between CMakeLists.txt and
2010-06-23 wmeierFrom Haakon Nessjoen: New dissector for Digiums TDMoE...
2010-06-22 stigFrom Håkon Nessjøen via bug 4899:
2010-06-19 stigFrom tieuthunhi via bug 4887:
2010-06-13 jmayerAdd packet-gopher.c from rev 33220.
2010-06-09 stigAdded packet-idmp.c
2010-06-04 stigFrom Holger Freyther via bug 4841:
2010-06-03 jmayer- Add tap-sv.c and packet-sv.c to the list of files...
2010-06-02 stigAdded packet-batadv.c
2010-05-29 morrissRemove a couple more references to the optional objects...
2010-05-28 jmayerRemaining fixes for
2010-05-27 jmayerFix for the LUA part of bug
2010-05-18 krjFrom Allan M. Madsen:
2010-05-17 wmeierFrom Torrey Atcitty: IEEE 1722(AVB Transport Protocol...
2010-05-17 morrissFrom Robert Hogan via
2010-05-14 wmeierFrom Torrey Atcitty: IEEE 802.1Qat (Multiple Stream...
2010-04-27 wmeierFrom David Bond: TRILL (TRansparent Interconnection...
2010-04-23 stigAdded initial support for Dropbox LAN sync Protocol.
2010-04-16 wmeierFrom Jens Kilian: VXI-11 (a.k.a. Network Instrument...
2010-04-16 jmayerA previous patch added another implementaion of grps...
2010-04-14 stigAdded PKIXAttributeCertificate (RFC3281).
2010-04-07 jmayerAdd packet-q708.c
2010-04-05 stigAdded packet-vmlab.c
2010-04-04 stigFrom Jelmer Vernooij via bug 4640:
2010-04-01 wmeierFrom Aniruddha A: ANCP (Access Node Control Protocol...
2010-03-22 wmeierFrom Venkateshwaran Dorai: Server/Application State...
2010-03-18 jmayercmake changes:
2010-03-16 guyFix some compiler warnings, clean up indentation a...
2010-03-01 stigFrom LEGO via bug 4405:
2010-02-28 stigAdded svn:ignore targets.
2010-02-25 jmayerAlmost working out-of-tree builds for the documentation,
2010-02-24 krjSome more ASN1 dissectors are now clean
2010-02-07 stigAdded packet-applemidi.c.
2010-01-29 wmeierA few updates:
2010-01-24 stigFrom Alexis La Goutte via bug 4418:
2010-01-17 stigAdded packet-hp-erm.c.
2009-12-08 stigAdded packet-socketcan.c
2009-12-03 stigFrom Petr Sumbera via bug 4284:
2009-11-29 jakeFrom Mithun Roy:
2009-11-28 jakeFrom J.C. Wren:
2009-11-24 jakeFrom Juha Siltanen :
2009-11-17 jmayerBeginnings of enabling static builds. Still to do:
2009-11-12 jmayer- Add the new dissector files
2009-11-11 jmayer- Generate manpages and html version of manpages
2009-11-07 jmayercmake will now honor -Werror if configured (default...
2009-11-06 krjAdd a couple of more dissectors to the CMake based...
2009-10-31 krjAdd JMirror dissector
2009-10-20 jmayerAdd packet-omron-fins.c
2009-10-12 krjCopy newly generated files to epan/dissectors to make...
2009-10-12 stigAdded ENDFOREACH() to close a FOREACH().
2009-10-12 krjWe have to traverse dissectors/dcerpc unconditionally...
2009-10-12 krjLet the pidl subdirectory indicate which protocols...
2009-10-12 krjAdd back functionality to autogenerate dcerpc dissector...
2009-10-11 krjMove to tools directory
2009-10-11 jmayerReadd stuff "lost" by previous undo (r30443, r30459)
2009-10-11 jmayerCreatig static sublibs was not a good idea:
2009-10-10 krjSort subdirectories alphabetically
2009-10-10 krjAdd epan/dissectors/CMakeLists.txt which creates a...
2009-10-10 krjUpdate list of output files generated from process...
2009-10-10 krjAdd dependency to
2009-10-09 krjAdd epan/ftypes/CMakeLists.txt which creates a static...
2009-10-09 krjAdd epan/dfilter/CMakeLists.txt which creates a static...
2009-10-09 krjAdd epan/crypt/CMakeLists.txt which creates a static...