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2011-05-08 rbalintNote that README.Debian contains the procedure of setti...
2011-04-25 morrissFrom Loránd Jakab via
2011-04-14 cmaynardMention that tshark can now display ICMP and ICMPv6...
2011-04-10 gerald1.5.1 → 1.5.2. Reenable Babel.
2011-04-08 geraldAdd Babel.
2011-04-06 sfisherFrom Peter via bug #5798: Don't try to run svnversion...
2011-03-27 geraldAdd "-z hosts", which dumps name resolution information...
2011-03-24 geraldAdd an item about pcapng name resolution.
2011-03-23 geraldMore markup updates.
2011-03-23 geraldFix markup.
2011-03-23 geraldClean up information about older Windows versions.
2011-03-23 cmaynardAdded an entry about the new tshark "-z <proto>,srt...
2011-02-14 cmaynardDisallow invalid char's in the filename passed to idl2w...
2011-02-04 geraldAdd Erlang Distribution Protocol.
2011-01-31 jakeClean up the whitespace in script.
2011-01-31 jakeJack up the Lua reference entries one level to make...
2011-01-30 stigIntroduce "Fragment count" filter element for all proto...
2011-01-27 jakeMissing a Users Guide graphic.
2011-01-26 wmeierAdd references to Windows 7 where appropriate; Add...
2011-01-26 jakeFrom Brian Ginsbach:
2011-01-24 gerald1.5.0 → 1.5.1.
2011-01-22 jakeInsert and update tshark and dumpcap help information.
2011-01-22 jakeFrom Loránd Jakab:
2011-01-21 jakeUpdate the User Interface chapter of the User's Guide.
2011-01-21 jakeStart update for 1.5 version of User's Guide.
2011-01-17 geraldAdd another item.
2011-01-16 morriss<shortcut> doesn't appear to be a valid element.
2011-01-13 geraldVMS → HP OpenVMS.
2011-01-13 geraldAdd the TCP scaling graph.
2011-01-13 geraldAdd keyboard shortcuts.
2011-01-13 jakeMention another RTP player feature.
2011-01-13 sfisherAdd some of my changes since 1.4 was released
2011-01-13 sakeAdded a couple of my new features
2011-01-13 geraldMore 1.5 updates.
2011-01-12 geraldStart updating the release notes for 1.5.
2011-01-10 jakeComplete the chapter on popup menus.
2011-01-09 jakeAdd the graphic files to the distribution.
2011-01-09 jakeUpdate the pop-up menu screen shots.
2011-01-09 jakeUpdate the menu screenshots and descriptions.
2011-01-06 jakeTell the user about the Q&A site.
2011-01-06 jakeAdd URL to Lua website. Whitespace cleanup.
2011-01-03 jakeAdd relevant docbook tags in the source.
2011-01-03 jakeInclude dumpcap in the description.
2010-12-30 geraldUpdate the export dialog screen shots.
2010-12-29 cmaynardFix two minor typos.
2010-12-29 jakeAdd Compile BPF to the capture options dialog description.
2010-12-29 jakeUpdate capture options dialog description.
2010-12-20 morrissSaying that patches will be reviewed in "a few days...
2010-12-20 wmeierdissector_add() --> dissector_add_uint();
2010-12-20 guyRename the routines that handle dissector tables with...
2010-12-18 wmeierRevert SVN #35213 based upon comments in the Wireshark...
2010-12-17 wmeierConvert indentation tabs within <programlisting> elemen...
2010-12-17 wmeierIntegrate README.developer into the WSDG: Step 1: Style...
2010-12-16 wmeierAdd comment that this file is apparently not referenced...
2010-12-07 sake... and update the documentation too :-)
2010-12-01 sfisherAdd details to the table of Microsoft Visual C++ compil...
2010-12-01 sfisherChange underscore to dash to show correct docbook-xml42...
2010-11-27 sfisherFrom OKANO Takayoshi via bug #5442: Fix typos in docume...
2010-11-22 jmayerAdd new files to cmake as well
2010-11-20 jakeAdd missing update of user-guide.xml for revision 34983.
2010-11-20 wmeierRemove svn:executable and svn:keywords properties.
2010-11-20 jakeAdd description of File|Import option.
2010-11-16 jmayerFirst try to install docbook stuff as well - not yet...
2010-11-09 wmeierPython 2.7 is now the current Production version of...
2010-10-29 geraldYou can build portable packages with Express Edition...
2010-10-06 geraldBug 553 has been fixed.
2010-10-04 jakeWith the toos, drop its description as well.
2010-10-04 geraldAdd a link to
2010-10-02 stigAdded the "Ignored" field in the statusbar middle part.
2010-10-01 sakeAdd navigation to previous/next packets in the conversa...
2010-10-01 stigUpdate which UATs included in profiles.
2010-09-30 geraldNote that you probably don't need the PCRE library.
2010-09-23 jmayerInstall guides into DOC_DIR if defined
2010-07-12 geraldWinPcap 4.1.1 -> 4.1.2.
2010-06-30 geraldAdd Visual C++ project files to the distribution.
2010-06-29 galDocumentation for the Object Identifiers User Accessibl...
2010-06-28 geraldReplace ASCII arrows with their equivalent character...
2010-06-24 morrissLua is now enabled by default. Capitalize Lua in a...
2010-06-13 geraldRemove the header letter spacing. It make the Lua refer...
2010-06-07 gerald1.3.6 -> 1.5.0
2010-06-04 jakeSet the right DPI for PDF production.
2010-06-03 jakeBring more texts and examples up to date.
2010-06-02 geraldFrom Jim Young via bug 4331:
2010-06-02 geraldFrom Jim Young via bug 4049:
2010-05-27 geraldFrom Edgar Gladkich:
2010-05-27 geraldRemove a couple of items from the "known bugs" list.
2010-05-26 jakeUpdate name resolving description.
2010-05-26 wmeierReference the 'interlink' plugin dir as an example...
2010-05-18 jakePrepare the docbooks for the 1.4 branch.
2010-05-17 stigAdded some new features.
2010-05-16 jakeSome cleanup and adding one more new feature.
2010-05-14 morrissAdd Cmake stuff to the source distribution so more...
2010-05-11 jakeUpdate display filter scripts with new field types.
2010-05-10 geraldAdd new packet list open bugs to the "known bugs" list.
2010-05-10 geraldUpdates for 1.4.
2010-05-05 gerald1.3.5 -> 1.3.6.
2010-05-03 wmeierUpdate the capinfos documentation.
2010-04-26 stigDocument ESS Category Attributes UAT.
2010-04-23 geraldFrom Vincenzo Condoleo via bug 3724:
2010-04-16 wmeier(Trivial changes)