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2010-07-12 geraldWinPcap 4.1.1 -> 4.1.2.
2010-06-30 geraldAdd Visual C++ project files to the distribution.
2010-06-29 galDocumentation for the Object Identifiers User Accessibl...
2010-06-28 geraldReplace ASCII arrows with their equivalent character...
2010-06-24 morrissLua is now enabled by default. Capitalize Lua in a...
2010-06-13 geraldRemove the header letter spacing. It make the Lua refer...
2010-06-07 gerald1.3.6 -> 1.5.0
2010-06-04 jakeSet the right DPI for PDF production.
2010-06-03 jakeBring more texts and examples up to date.
2010-06-02 geraldFrom Jim Young via bug 4331:
2010-06-02 geraldFrom Jim Young via bug 4049:
2010-05-27 geraldFrom Edgar Gladkich:
2010-05-27 geraldRemove a couple of items from the "known bugs" list.
2010-05-26 jakeUpdate name resolving description.
2010-05-26 wmeierReference the 'interlink' plugin dir as an example...
2010-05-18 jakePrepare the docbooks for the 1.4 branch.
2010-05-17 stigAdded some new features.
2010-05-16 jakeSome cleanup and adding one more new feature.
2010-05-14 morrissAdd Cmake stuff to the source distribution so more...
2010-05-11 jakeUpdate display filter scripts with new field types.
2010-05-10 geraldAdd new packet list open bugs to the "known bugs" list.
2010-05-10 geraldUpdates for 1.4.
2010-05-05 gerald1.3.5 -> 1.3.6.
2010-05-03 wmeierUpdate the capinfos documentation.
2010-04-26 stigDocument ESS Category Attributes UAT.
2010-04-23 geraldFrom Vincenzo Condoleo via bug 3724:
2010-04-16 wmeier(Trivial changes)
2010-04-15 morrissAs per https://bugs.wireshark.org/bugzilla/show_bug...
2010-04-14 guyCopyedit.
2010-04-12 jakeAdd remark about including packet.h before tap.h
2010-04-06 wmeierMention elinks as an alternative to lynx [on *nix].
2010-04-05 wmeierDisable the possible use of 'links' to generate release...
2010-03-31 gerald1.3.4 -> 1.3.5.
2010-03-26 morrissFrom Kovarththanan Rajaratnam via
2010-03-16 wmeierFrom Ed Beroset: Add missing include in tcp_dissect_pdu...
2010-03-11 guySquelch some compiler warnings.
2010-02-25 jmayerAlmost working out-of-tree builds for the documentation,
2010-02-19 geraldFix a version number.
2010-02-12 jake'lint' the XML source even when building individual...
2010-02-11 gerald1.3.3 -> 1.3.4.
2010-02-11 morrissWe don't want to deliver the (generated) Makefile....
2010-02-11 geraldFix the GNU build.
2010-02-10 geraldMake the build dependencies more consistent between...
2010-02-10 morrissUse automake to build things in docbook/ .
2010-02-10 geraldAdd an item for the "ignore" feature.
2010-02-10 morrissDie if we can't open the input or output files
2010-02-09 jakeMake the kludge work for xmllint too.
2010-02-09 geraldDrop support for Windows 2000 in 1.3 and later.
2010-02-08 jakeMake example output pagebreak in PDF.
2010-02-08 jakeRightsize graphics by modifying their DPI.
2010-02-06 jmayerWhitespace change
2010-02-05 jakeAdd missing graphics file.
2010-02-05 wmeierFrom Chris Maynard: "Wrong download link to vcredist_x...
2010-02-04 geraldAdjust the heading elements.
2010-02-02 stigIntroduce "Reassembled length" filter element for all...
2010-01-22 martinmUpdate screenshot after fixing some label issues.
2010-01-22 martinmAdd a simple help page for LTE RLC stats.
2010-01-22 guyClarify tcpdump's default snapshot length a bit - and...
2010-01-12 wmeierMinor fix: highlight a command argument as part of...
2010-01-01 stigDocument the ignore packets functions.
2009-12-29 jmayer- Beginnings of cmake in docbook directory
2009-12-28 guyGive some information on whence xsltproc and xmllint...
2009-12-27 jakeStart Telephony statistics chapter.
2009-12-21 stigDocument the new Copy Profile button.
2009-12-20 jakeClean up the docbook source code, apply proper tags...
2009-12-19 guyGet rid of no-longer-applicable and no-longer-referred...
2009-12-19 stigDocument expert info group Protocol.
2009-12-18 jakeUpdate the User Guide to show the current menu.
2009-12-14 wmeierUpdate README to reflect fop-0.95 as default on Windows.
2009-12-14 jakeUpdate details about building and installing.
2009-12-14 jakeCleanup tapping section.
2009-12-14 wmeierFix XML error (I hope) ...
2009-12-13 jakeUpdate the library references.
2009-12-13 jakeAdd description on running and debugging your own build...
2009-12-13 jakeUpdate platform support, build and packaging information.
2009-12-02 jakeUser Guide: save 50 pages worth of white space.
2009-12-02 jakeUpdate User Guide:
2009-12-01 jakeClean up the makefile a bit.
2009-11-29 jakeUpdate the text and hyperlinks.
2009-11-24 geraldSwitch back to normal versioning. Bump the version...
2009-11-21 jakeAdd documentation for -J and -j command line parameters.
2009-11-17 geraldUse #8594 instead of rarr.
2009-11-17 geraldDisplay filter macros are under the Analyze menu.
2009-11-11 geraldUpdate the stock tip, note, and warning icons from...
2009-11-10 geraldUpdates for FOP 0.95.
2009-11-09 geraldSwitch the default Fop version to 0.95 and adjust custo...
2009-11-07 geraldMake more PNGs 90 DPI.
2009-11-07 geraldMake all of the PNGs 90 DPI.
2009-11-06 geraldFix a warning in a table (which results in an error...
2009-11-01 stigRemoved two unneeded includes.
2009-11-01 stigAdded a UAT table to describe enterprise specific-trap...
2009-10-27 geraldSimplify the download text as recommended by Ulf.
2009-10-27 geraldBuild 1.3.1.
2009-10-23 stigLoad lua scripts in the plugins directory, both global...
2009-10-20 guyFix broken link.
2009-10-20 geraldUpdate the Windows requirements section.
2009-10-02 ulfl2008EE is the example throughout that chapter, use...
2009-09-24 etxrabUpdate *.vcproj to visual studio 8
2009-09-15 geraldAdd a couple of updates.
2009-09-14 geraldBuild 1.3.0.