From Graham Bloice:
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / docbook / README.txt
2006-07-12 jakeFrom Gerhard Gappmeier: Here is some information for...
2006-06-06 jakeedg -> wsdg
2006-05-30 geraldeug -> wsug
2006-02-10 ulflThe target is called eug_html_chunked not eug_htmlchunk
2005-08-07 jmayerStart a list of packages required for each distro.
2005-03-04 jmayer- Add -Xmx256m automatically on unixish systems.
2004-10-16 ulflupdate to the current state of the art
2004-08-06 jmayerSvn stuff:
2004-07-19 ulflThe first draft of an updated "Ethereal User's Guide...