From Clemens Auer:
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / doc / README.packaging
2010-10-01 geraldNEARLY → OVER.
2010-04-08 geraldAdd --enable-setcap-install and --with-dumpcap-group.
2010-04-07 geraldAdd a setuid example.
2010-04-06 geraldUpdate to reflect current reality.
2010-01-26 geraldAdd a note about filesystem capabilities.
2008-02-27 geraldExpand the setuid text a bit.
2008-02-26 geraldWrap a line in the INSTALL file and correct some text...
2008-02-13 sfisherRemove mention of tshark being installed setuid root...
2007-11-20 geraldUpdate the privileges section.
2007-10-12 stigFrom Andrew Feren:
2007-08-30 geraldChange the "--enable-setuid-install" option to install...
2007-08-02 geraldAdd a "-S" flag to dumpcap, which prints out interface...
2007-07-16 geraldAdd a note about svnversion.h.
2007-05-22 geraldAdd a note about the recent change in "--disable-wiresh...
2006-07-18 geraldFixes and updates.
2006-05-31 geraldRename the main executable to "wireshark", along with...
2006-05-22 sahlbergethereal->wireshark
2006-05-22 sahlbergethereal->wireshark updates
2006-02-16 geraldAdd a document for creating an Ethereal package.