Restore edits lost in previous checkin.
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / diameter / dictionary.xml
2008-02-12 etxrabRestore edits lost in previous checkin.
2008-02-12 etxrabAs we don't destinguish between the application ID...
2008-02-11 etxrabClean up a bit.
2008-02-11 etxrabUpdates according to ETSI ES 283 026 V1.6.0 (2008-02)
2008-02-08 etxrab- Add application Id:s to Diameter
2008-02-06 etxrabFrom Grzegorz Szczytowski :
2008-01-31 etxrabSplit out the Gmb application AVP:s to at least make...
2008-01-28 etxrabDissect Vendor id and Auth-application Id.
2008-01-25 etxrabDecode som more MBMS elements. Diameter XML fixes.
2007-11-24 etxrabAdd AVP:s
2007-11-15 etxrabFix "Diameter Dictionary: No Vendor: 3GPPDiameter Dicti...
2007-11-13 etxrabCorrect assorted typos and copy-past errors.
2007-11-12 etxrabAdd AVP info.
2007-11-06 etxrabFix some typos.
2007-08-29 etxrabAdjust to the latest IANA status 2007-08-22.
2007-08-28 etxrabAdd AVP's
2007-08-27 etxrabUpdate comments.
2007-08-26 etxrabFix indentation
2007-07-21 legofix xml
2007-07-21 legoaccording to RFC3588 6.7.2 Proxy-Info is a grouped avp
2007-07-20 lego- <?avp-proto and <?type-proto to instruct about which...
2007-07-10 martinmAdd ETSI e2/e4 Diameter applications
2007-07-09 martinm- Fix a broken comment in xml file
2007-07-05 etxrabMove 3GPP AVP:s to dictionary.xml chnge some AVP types...
2007-06-22 martinmNASREQ AVP 4 (NAS-IP-Address) is of type OctetString...
2007-06-20 martinm- include gqpolicy.xml properly!
2007-06-12 martinmDiameter update:
2007-04-12 etxrabCorrect a typo.
2007-04-12 etxrabAccording to 3GPP TS 32.299 version 7.4.0 Release 7...
2007-03-14 etxrabAdd comments about 3gpp AVP:s
2007-01-26 martinmFix bugs 1330 & 1333 (one wrong and one missing entry...
2006-12-10 etxrabAdd SIP error codes.
2006-11-14 etxrabAdd SIP application AVP:s (Incomplete) and sortmobileip...
2006-09-29 etxrabUpdate Diamater and Radius AVP:s
2006-05-31 etxrabUpdate 3GPP AVP:s
2006-03-02 etxrabCorrect some AVP types
2006-02-23 etxrabMark 3GPP AVP:s as Vendor specific.
2006-02-17 etxrabTranslate cause value
2006-02-16 etxrabFix </avp> Missing.
2006-02-04 etxrabFix a faulty def and add some 3gpp AVP:s
2006-01-15 etxrabSort AVP:s nummerically to make updates easier, remove...
2006-01-10 etxrabUpdate with AVP:s from the dictionary Joost Yervante...
2005-12-01 etxrabFrom Thomas Steffen:
2005-11-19 etxrabUse the correct Application Id:s fix a typo.
2005-11-16 etxrabA digit as first letter does not work fix some cut...
2005-11-13 etxrabUpdate some 3GPP AVP:s
2005-09-30 etxrabUpdate AVP:s and error codes.
2005-09-29 guyMove the Diameter dictionary files to a "diameter"...