Re-apply r40728 and fix Coverity CID 1371 UNINIT again.
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / debian / copyright
2009-08-31 krjRemove strcasecmp. We use g_ascii_strcasecmp exclusively
2007-07-04 jakeFrom Frederic Peters:
2007-01-02 geraldMove epan/crypt-md5.[ch] to epan/crypt. Remove
2006-07-27 jmayerFrederic Peters <>:
2006-05-21 sahlbergname change
2002-10-26 oabadUpdate Debian packaging files. Ethereal is now split...
2000-11-22 gramChange Ethereal homepage URL from
2000-01-26 oabadAdd a debian subdirectory and the files needed to gener...