From Edgar Gladkich:
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / config.guess
2007-12-17 jmayerUpdate config.sub and config.guess to newer versions
2005-08-02 jmayerRemove svn:executable
2004-03-30 guyBack out the previous change, as it checked in older...
2004-03-30 sharpeAdd the mask for an NT ACL ACE to the summary list...
2003-11-18 guyLatest config.guess and config.sub from
2003-06-25 guyLatest "config.guess" and "config.sub" from
2001-12-08 guyLatest "config.guess" and "config.sub" from
2000-07-26 geraldSwitch Solaris package build naming to a more generic...
2000-02-11 gramAdd Peter Kjellerstedt <
1998-09-20 gerald* Scripts needed for