Use val_to_str_const().
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / colorfilters
2011-06-29 cmaynardDon't colorize TCP window updates as "Bad TCP". This...
2011-04-29 morrissAdd default color filters for SCTP abort messages and...
2011-01-21 morrissFrom Alexis La Goutte via
2010-02-05 jakeFrom Chris Maynard:
2009-03-09 jakeFrom Steve Karg:
2009-02-26 stigUse same coloring rule for icmp and icmpv6.
2008-11-06 stigRemoved colorfilters for infiniband, as this dissector...
2008-07-30 etxrabFrom Stephen Donnelly:
2008-05-22 stigNote to self: read documentation first.
2008-05-22 stigFix multicast address for "TTL low or unexpected".
2008-01-03 jakeFix for Bug 2151:
2007-11-21 stigCosmetic change to order the icmp.type
2007-08-28 wmeierOn 2nd thought: change color filter name from "Low...
2007-08-28 wmeierFrom Todd Martin: "Flag IP TTL more intelligently".
2006-12-14 sfisherAdd checksum verification to the CDP dissector and...
2006-10-29 ulflmake the checksum fields visible for TCP and UDP
2006-06-30 jakeDo it properly now: "ipx || stx" -> "ipx || spx"
2006-06-30 jakeFrom Stephen Fisher:
2006-05-22 sahlbergethereal->wireshark updates
2006-02-13 geraldAdd redirects to the ICMP filter.
2005-08-27 jmayer- Add checksum verification
2005-08-26 ulflfix #378:
2005-07-11 ulflfix a syntax error in the "Routing" rule, reported...
2005-06-17 geraldTweak the global coloring rules a bit. Give "normal...
2005-06-09 ulflprovide global default files for cfilters/colorfilters...