Don't use PCRE if we have GRegex.
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] /
2009-10-06 stigInvert check for getopt: NEED_GETOPT_H -> HAVE_GETOPT_H
2009-09-21 jmayerCMake:
2009-09-15 jmayerBuild the asn1 plugin. The only problem(?) is, that...
2009-09-12 jmayerMake building with GeoIP, Python, Capabilities and...
2009-09-09 jmayerCMAKE: Get most of of missing *build* pieces into place
2009-09-01 krjDefine some windows specific header files
2009-09-01 krjCheck for mkdtemp()
2009-08-31 jmayerAdd check for HAVE_MKSTEMP to make build work again on
2009-08-31 krjCMake: Remove PRId64, PRIu64, PRIx64, PRIX64, and PRIo6...
2009-06-16 jmayerOK, so my last commit message was too optimistic -...
2008-07-18 morrissRemove iconv/libiconv checks from *NIX builds: GLIB...
2007-10-28 sakeBug 1227 : From Frederic Heem:
2006-12-08 jmayerGet rid of UCD SNMP support (it's not longer supported and
2006-10-24 jmayerParts of
2006-09-06 jmayercmake/