More constification of arrays.
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / asn1 /
2004-10-08 guyMake the ber_sequence tables "const".
2004-10-07 etxrabGet rid off h248-package-pcp
2004-10-07 etxrabHandle dissection of some packagees Property ID:s,...
2004-10-05 sahlbergAdd example template for how to add h248 extension...
2004-10-05 sahlbergminor update preparations to have a dissector table...
2004-10-05 guySet svn:keywords to Id to expand RCS IDs, and set svn...
2004-10-04 etxrabFix some editing misstakes from this morning
2004-10-04 etxrabUpdated packetname value string.
2004-10-03 sahlbergstub prettification of PackageName
2004-10-03 sahlbergprettify mtpAddress
2004-10-03 sahlbergnew protocol : h248 Megaco v2
2004-09-17 sahlbergadd pkinit replies
2004-09-17 sahlbergget rid of some more compiler warnings
2004-09-17 sahlbergsquelch a compiler warning for UserNotice
2004-09-17 sahlbergget rid of some compiler warnings for pkinit
2004-09-16 sahlbergnew protocol PKIX1EXPLICIT
2004-09-16 sahlbergadd new protocol PKIX1IMPLICIT
2004-09-16 sahlbergadd PKINIT protocol
2004-09-16 sahlbergupdate to X509AF to prepare for PKINIT
2004-09-16 sahlbergUpdate to CMD to prepare for PKINIT support
2004-09-13 sahlbergupdate x509af to use machinegenerated _PDU() dissectors
2004-09-13 sahlberguse autogenerated _PDU functions
2004-09-13 sahlbergmake the asn2eth compiler autogenerate the PDU callbacks
2004-09-06 sahlbergUpdate x509SAT to export DirectoryString.
2004-09-06 sahlbergUpdate to X509 Certificate Extensions. Make it also...
2004-08-16 guyFrom Ronnie Sahlberg: add dissection of the Teletext...
2004-08-15 geraldFrom Ronnie Sahlberg: Netscape certificate extensions.
2004-07-29 sahlbergNew protocol: PKCS#1 (rfc2313 pplus some extra oid's)
2004-07-29 sahlbergadd some algorithm oid's to x509af(for the time being)
2004-07-28 sahlbergx509ce use implicit tags.
2004-07-26 sahlbergupdate tox509ce virtually all of x509ce now implement...
2004-07-25 sahlbergsome more extensions and their dissectors defined.
2004-07-25 sahlbergcms update forgot that Name had been commented out...
2004-07-25 sahlberg large CMS update.
2004-07-24 sahlbergget rid of the remaining compiler warnings.
2004-07-24 sahlbergAdd a lot of missing attribute dissectors
2004-07-24 sahlbergadded the userCertificate and cAcertificate attributes
2004-07-24 sahlbergadd dissection of the structure : Extension
2004-07-23 sahlbergtelex and telephone number attributes
2004-07-23 sahlbergRemove a compiler warning for a parameter that is not...
2004-07-23 sahlbergadd all the other (quite a lot of them) attributes...
2004-07-23 sahlbergadd dissection of DirectoryString, this unfortunately...
2004-07-23 sahlbergregister ber oid functions through a special function...
2004-07-22 guy"dissect_x509if_AttributeTypeAndDistinguishedValue...
2004-07-22 sahlbergadd the countryname attribute
2004-07-22 sahlbergstart dissecting AttributeTypeAnddistinguishedValue
2004-07-22 sahlbergdissect the x509if/Name all the way down to the Attribu...
2004-07-22 sahlbergminor update
2004-07-22 sahlbergminor update
2004-07-21 guyInclude "packet-x509sat.h" to declare a function we...
2004-07-21 sahlbergget rid of the nasty ber specific oid->callback table...
2004-07-20 sahlbergSmall update to AlgorithmIdentifier.
2004-07-20 sahlbergAdd the new protocols CMS, X509AF, X509IF, X509CE...
2004-07-19 sahlbergwork in progress
2004-07-19 sahlbergWork in progress
2004-07-19 sahlbergWork in progress
2004-07-19 sahlbergWork in progress
2004-07-19 sahlbergWork in progress
2004-07-18 guySet the svn:eol-style property on all text files to...
2004-06-24 sahlbergfrom tomas k
2004-06-04 sahlbergget rid of a compiler warning
2004-06-04 sahlbergTomas updates to H235 and the ASN2ETH compiler
2004-06-03 guyFrom Tomas Kukosa: unnecessary types are excluded with...
2004-05-25 guy"NOT_DECODED_YET()" was replaced by "PER_NOT_DECODED_YE...
2004-05-24 sahlbergFrom Tomas,