From Clemens Auer:
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / asn1 / s4406 /
2010-06-28 stigMoved register_ber_syntax_dissector() and register_ber_...
2010-04-07 wmeier#include <string.h> and/or #include <stdio.h> not needed.
2010-04-06 wmeier#include <stdio.h> not needed.
2010-02-23 stigSmall fix for DistributionExtensionField.
2010-01-11 stigSmall cleanup in conformation file.
2010-01-09 stigUpdate ASN.1 files.
2009-12-18 stigRegenerated with SIZE constraints checking.
2009-10-30 stigCorrected name used for STANAG 4406.
2009-10-11 stigMake all proto_* values static.
2009-10-08 krjRemove unused NEED_PACKET_PROTO_H variable
2009-08-09 krjDon't guard col_set_str (COL_INFO) with col_check
2009-08-09 krjDon't guard col_set_str (COL_PROTOCOL) with col_check
2009-02-07 wmeier#include <epan/conversation.h> and/or #include <epan...
2008-07-21 etxrabSee if this gets rid of some unused code warnings...
2007-12-19 jmayerasn1/*/Makefile.nmake were not part of the source package.
2007-12-10 kukosaANSI TCAP regenerated and tested with -T -X asn2wrs...
2007-10-23 etxrabApply the small performance enhancment patches for:
2007-10-22 galUpdate to use the -X and -T asn2wrs flags.
2007-10-16 jmayer- Fix svn:ignore for all directories
2007-10-11 jmayer- Remove -e option if the generated -exp.cnf file isn...
2007-10-10 jmayerAdd missing dependencies and update syntax of existing...
2007-10-10 jmayer- Change Makefiles to include preinc
2007-10-10 jmayerMore conversions and updates to existing Makefile stuff
2007-06-27 galThis patch changes ExemptedAddressSeq to a SEQUENCE OF.
2007-06-05 kukosanot allow #.FN_HDR/FTR for Wireshark types but only...
2007-05-13 etxrabSecond step in introducing asn context to BER dissector...
2007-05-03 kukosauppercase identifiers are not allowed
2007-01-13 galNew "decode as ..." feature for BER-encoded files ...
2006-12-10 sfisherFrom Stig Bjorlykke:
2006-10-29 ulflput every python script name into "" so the call won...
2006-06-28 galSupport for the acp127-notification-request extension.
2006-05-24 kukosa- remove some #.MODULE_IMPORT from .cng files
2006-05-21 kukosa- asn2eth renamed to asn2wrs
2006-05-21 sahlbergname change
2006-05-08 galBetter split between dissectors and fixes for s4406...
2006-04-25 guyAdd distclean and maintainerclean rules.
2006-02-23 etxrabAdd parsertab.pyc in clean target
2005-11-16 etxrabFrom Graeme Lunt:
2005-10-24 etxrabFrom Graeme Lunt:
2005-09-07 geraldSet "COPYCMD=/Y" and remove the "/Y" from each XCOPY...
2005-09-05 guyUse the same string for the protocol's filter name...
2005-09-04 etxrab From Graeme Lunt
2005-09-04 etxrabFrom Graeme Lunt