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[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / asn1 / q932 /
2007-12-19 jmayerasn1/*/Makefile.nmake were not part of the source package.
2007-12-10 kukosaANSI TCAP regenerated and tested with -T -X asn2wrs...
2007-10-16 jmayer- Fix svn:ignore for all directories
2007-10-15 kukosacreate exported cnf file for Q.932 and QSIG
2007-10-11 jmayerRemove the remaining autogenereated -exp.cnf files
2007-10-11 jmayer- Remove -e option if the generated -exp.cnf file isn...
2007-10-10 kukosamore makefiles changed to new export mechanism
2007-10-10 jmayerMore conversions and updates to existing Makefile stuff
2007-09-24 kukosaimprovements in ROS handling in Q.932 and H.450
2007-08-24 jmayerget_ber_length doesn't need the tree argument, get...
2007-07-20 kukosaQSIG fully implemented
2007-07-19 kukosaget rid of few warnings
2007-07-19 kukosachange QSIG tables structure so as they can be generate...
2007-07-18 kukosarose_ctx_t structure usage in Q.932 dissector
2007-07-13 kukosa- get rid of anonymous unions
2007-06-06 kukosaQ.932 ROS regenerated from original ASN.1 source
2007-06-05 kukosaQ.932 and QSIG regenerated with -X (new BER) option
2007-05-13 etxrabSecond step in introducing asn context to BER dissector...
2007-05-04 kukosa- Q.932: fix warnings
2007-05-04 kukosafix few warnings in Q.932 and QSIG dissectors
2007-04-30 guyFix up the asn/q932 Makefile as per Tomas Kukosa's...
2007-04-30 guyThe Q.932 dissector doesn't need to include <string...
2007-04-30 guyPut the q932-ros dissector into a file with the right...
2007-04-28 guyInclude <string.h> before using C string functions.
2007-04-28 guyFix the dependencies.
2007-04-27 kukosanew Q.932 and QSIG dissectors