From Clemens Auer:
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / asn1 / pkix1explicit /
2010-04-07 wmeier#include <string.h> and/or #include <stdio.h> not needed.
2010-04-06 wmeier#include <stdio.h> not needed.
2009-10-08 krjRemove unused NEED_PACKET_PROTO_H variable
2009-06-23 stigFrom Kovarththanan Rajaratnam:
2009-06-20 stigFrom Kovarththanan Rajaratnam via bug 3548:
2009-02-07 wmeier#include <epan/conversation.h> and/or #include <epan...
2008-03-17 geraldFix a typo.
2008-02-27 etxrabDissect IPAddressFamily
2008-02-26 etxrabAdd some extensions to pkix1explicit - forgotten files.
2008-02-25 etxrabDissect Name and Certificate and add some extensions...
2007-12-19 jmayerasn1/*/Makefile.nmake were not part of the source package.
2007-12-10 kukosaANSI TCAP regenerated and tested with -T -X asn2wrs...
2007-11-04 etxrabUpdate do use the -X and -T asn2wrs flags.
2007-10-11 jmayer- Remove -e option if the generated -exp.cnf file isn...
2007-10-10 jmayer- Change Makefiles to include preinc
2007-10-09 jmayerDon't keep -exp.cnf files in the tree.
2007-10-09 jmayerLast set of changes to convert Makefiles for today
2007-10-07 etxrabFrom Martin Peylo:
2007-08-24 jmayerget_ber_length doesn't need the tree argument, get...
2007-05-15 etxrabactx in the rest of dissect_ber..()l
2007-05-13 etxrabSecond step in introducing asn context to BER dissector...
2007-05-03 kukosaEXTERNAL type is handled in asn2wrs now
2007-03-21 sahlbergchange the signature that asn2wrs generates for functio...
2006-10-29 ulflput every python script name into "" so the call won...
2006-05-23 kukosaEthereal -> Wireshark
2006-05-21 kukosa- asn2eth renamed to asn2wrs
2006-05-21 sahlbergname change
2006-04-25 guyAdd distclean and maintainerclean rules.
2006-04-06 etxrabAdd two missing *-exp.cnf files
2006-02-23 etxrabAdd parsertab.pyc in clean target
2005-11-14 kukosa - dissect_ber_object_identifier() returns value as tvb
2005-09-07 geraldSet "COPYCMD=/Y" and remove the "/Y" from each XCOPY...
2005-07-09 guyFix up a bunch of arguments to "dissect_ber_identifier...
2005-04-22 geraldDefine a maximum OID string length, and use it in a...
2005-01-16 lrolandWhen using Cygwin's python
2005-01-16 guySupply Makefile.nmake files.
2005-01-16 guyMake the Makefile look like the h235 Makefiles, with...
2004-12-24 sahlbergexport Certificate and CertificateList from pkix1explicit
2004-12-12 sahlbergupdates from tomas and anders
2004-11-29 sahlbergexport some more sympols from PKIX1EXPLICIT
2004-11-21 sahlbergadd a new oid
2004-11-21 sahlbergadd dissection of AuthorityInfoAccessSyntax
2004-11-01 geraldAdd support for the dhpublicnumber OID.
2004-10-05 guySet svn:keywords to Id to expand RCS IDs, and set svn...
2004-09-17 sahlbergget rid of some more compiler warnings
2004-09-16 sahlbergnew protocol PKIX1EXPLICIT