Corrected "old-style function definition".
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / asn1 / h283 /
2010-04-07 wmeier#include <string.h> and/or #include <stdio.h> not needed.
2010-04-06 wmeier#include <stdio.h> not needed.
2010-01-17 etxrabGet rid of check_col();
2010-01-13 etxrabcheck_col.diff
2009-10-11 stigMake all proto_* values static.
2009-10-08 krjRemove unused NEED_PACKET_PROTO_H variable
2009-02-07 wmeier#include <epan/conversation.h> and/or #include <epan...
2009-01-28 wmeier#include prefs.h not req'd
2008-11-04 wmeierMinor cleanup mostly related to proto_reg_handoff
2007-12-19 jmayerasn1/*/Makefile.nmake were not part of the source package.
2007-12-14 jmayerIf we implement new style dissectors, register them...
2007-11-02 kukosanew H.282 (RDC) and H.283 (LCT) dissectors