Add Q.932 to extra dist.
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / asn1 /
2007-04-27 etxrabAdd Q.932 to extra dist.
2007-04-13 standelremove ref to ansi_map/README in the Makefile
2007-03-22 sahlbergFrom Shaun J
2007-01-09 etxrabAdd ansi_map to the makefiles
2006-11-27 guyWe got rid of ldap/Lightweight-Directory-Access-Protoco...
2006-08-10 jmayerFix some typos the prevented make distdir from succeeding
2006-08-08 etxrabRoutines for Universal Mobile Telecommunications System...
2006-07-07 jmayerpropset ....
2006-07-06 geraldAdd the asn1 directory to the distribution.