If we have pcap_open, call it instead of pcap_open_live, otherwise we might
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2007-10-28 sakeBug 1227 : From Frederic Heem:
2006-10-26 jmayerfrederic.heem:
2006-10-24 jmayerParts of bugs.wireshark.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id...
2006-09-13 jmayerAdd a comment
2006-09-06 jmayerThe last update to FindGTK2.cmake was incompatible...
2006-09-06 jmayercmake/
2006-09-05 jmayerpropset, add $Id: $ and copyright headers
2006-09-05 jmayerOK, as I haven't had any negative feedback, I'm adding...