[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / AUTHORS
2005-08-22 etxrabFrom Timo Metsala:
2005-08-19 sahlbergFrom Matthias Drochner:
2005-08-19 sahlbergFrom Markus Seehofer
2005-08-05 etxrabFrom THORNTON, MATT
2005-08-04 gramException handling fixes, and a fix to packet-frame.c,
2005-07-28 jmayerUpdated Ankur Aggarwal's entry
2005-07-27 jmayerAnkur Aggarwal:
2005-07-26 sahlbergFrom fred hoekstra
2005-07-25 legoFrom Thomas Anders:
2005-07-23 sahlbergadd back two entries that must have been removed by...
2005-07-19 sahlbergFrom Aboo
2005-07-11 etxrabAdd Jeremy j Ouellette
2005-06-30 etxrabAdd Karl Knoebl as an author.
2005-06-29 guyAdd the usual (minimal) protection against email addres...
2005-06-29 sahlbergfrom
2005-06-25 sahlbergFrom Martin Mathieson
2005-06-25 guyGive Paolo Frigo credit for the TANGO dissector.
2005-06-18 jmayerAdd Dominik Kuhlen to AUTHORS
2005-06-16 etxrabAdd Paul Ollis
2005-06-16 guyFrom Peter Kovar: fix an incorrect assignment that...
2005-06-14 etxrabAdd Samuel Thibault
2005-06-11 etxrabAdd Angelo Bannack as an author.
2005-06-09 ulfladd Julian Onions
2005-05-31 gramPut 'unmaskedvalue' field in XML for bit-masked values.
2005-05-14 sahlbergFrom Guillaume Chazarain
2005-05-11 sahlbergFrom Hannes Gredler
2005-05-02 geraldFrom Cvetan Ivanov:
2005-04-30 sahlbergFrom Miklos Szurdi :
2005-04-19 sahlbergFrom Erwin Rol
2005-04-18 sahlbergFrom <>
2005-04-15 etxrabAdd Javier Acuna to the list.
2005-04-14 sahlbergFrom packetsteve :
2005-04-14 sahlbergFrom Steve Karg
2005-04-08 sahlbergFrom Neil Kettle
2005-04-07 sahlbergupdating Mark C Browns information
2005-04-07 sahlbergFrom Francisco Alcoba
2005-04-06 ulfladd Ilya Konstantinov
2005-04-01 sahlbergFrom Mark C Brown NETTL updates
2005-04-01 sahlbergFrom Giles Scott
2005-04-01 guyFrom Charlie Lenahan: support for some HP switch protocol.
2005-03-27 etxrabAdd Jacques, Olivier as the Camel dissector author.
2005-03-25 sahlbergupdates to SAMR
2005-03-23 guyFrom Anton Ivanov: add support for Frame Relay over...
2005-03-20 tuexenFrom Oleg Terletsky: Support for SCTP chunk counters...
2005-03-15 sahlbergikev2 support from Shoichi Sakane
2005-03-14 ulflfrom Frederic Peters: bring debian package generation...
2005-03-14 sahlbergfix typo in name of KINK developer
2005-03-09 guyFrom Jaap Keuter: update to generate...
2005-03-09 guyFrom Vladimir Kondratiev:
2005-03-09 guyFrom Ricardo Muggli: decode the voice VLAN field in...
2005-03-08 sahlbergNew protocol : KINK
2005-03-07 guyBack out the BACnet application layer dissectin code...
2005-03-06 guyNo, the code is the numerical value, not the vendor ID.
2005-03-06 guyFrom Ben Turner: fix an addVendor() call.
2005-03-06 guyFrom Herbert Lischka: implement some (not all) tags...
2005-03-05 sahlbergNew Protocol : DTP
2005-03-04 sahlbergfrom Carlos Pignataro
2005-02-15 sahlbergnew protocol from Giles Scott : Retix spanning tree...
2005-02-13 legoUpdate Venna Nagarjuna
2005-02-10 geraldFrom Nicolas Dichtel via Vincent Jardin:
2005-02-10 guyFrom Oleg Terletsky: AgentX support.
2005-02-09 etxrabAdd Tim Endean
2005-02-05 geraldFrom Josh Bailey:
2005-02-04 guyFrom Dominique Bastien: marker and OAM slow protocol...
2005-02-03 guyFrom Dominique Bastien: add the slow protocol MAC addre...
2005-02-03 guyUndo de-UTF-8ification and other damage.
2005-02-02 etxrabAdd Jon Ringle, at the moment I don't have the e-mail...
2005-02-02 sahlbergfrom chris eagle
2005-02-01 lrolandFrom Alejandro Vaquero:
2005-01-31 guyFrom Florian Lohoff: Redback SmartEdge SE400/800 tcpdum...
2005-01-28 guyFrom Yoshihiro Oyama: include the names of all the...
2005-01-24 etxrabAdd Mutsuya Irie
2005-01-20 guyFix Julien Leproust's e-mail address.
2005-01-20 guyFrom Julien Leproust: add heuristic dissectors' protoco...
2005-01-20 guyFrom Hannes Gredler: support for Juniper's DLT_JUNIPER_...
2005-01-20 guyFrom Jean-Baptiste Marchand: stub dissectors for rras...
2005-01-16 guyFrom Jon Ringle:
2005-01-15 guyFrom Carlos Pignataro: Layer Two Tunneling Protocol...
2005-01-15 guyAdd an entry for Yann.
2005-01-14 guyFrom Stefano Pettini: RMT support for ALC and NORM.
2005-01-09 guyFrom Deepak Jain: L2TP v3 (draft 15) support.
2005-01-07 guyFrom Mike Duigou: JXTA protocol support.
2005-01-07 guyDoxygen cleanups, from Mike Duigou.
2005-01-07 guyFrom Carlos Pignataro:
2005-01-03 obiotChange e-mail address of Olivier Biot.
2005-01-03 guyFrom James Fields and Kevin Johnson: fix the handling...
2004-12-26 geraldFrom Vincent Jardin:
2004-12-21 jmayerGiles Scott: Add Wlan tap
2004-12-20 jmayerAbhijit Menon-Sen: Postgres v3 support
2004-12-19 jmayerGiles Scott: Port weak key detection from Airsnort
2004-12-17 guyFrom Stefan Metzmacher: basic decoding for LDAP Controls.
2004-12-15 guyFrom Peter Johansson: "template" conversations - if...
2004-12-11 obiotFrom Victor Stratan:
2004-12-09 geraldFrom Brian Caswell:
2004-12-09 geraldRemove a duplicate entry.
2004-12-09 obiotFrom Viorel Suman.
2004-12-07 guyFrom Brett Kuskie: add more HTTP headers as filterable...
2004-12-03 guyFrom Tomasz Mrugalski:
2004-12-02 guyFrom Nathan Jennings: add a preference that supplies...
2004-12-01 guyFrom Jelmer Vernooij: BitTorrent support.