Some packet_list.h -> main_packet_list.h changes.
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / AUTHORS
2008-04-12 stigFrom Jesus Roman (bug 2431):
2008-04-12 stigFrom Philip Frey (bug 2443):
2008-03-27 stigAlign some mail addresses.
2008-03-17 jakeAdd SMPP statistics by Abhik Sarkar
2008-03-14 geraldFrom Stephen Donnelly via bug 2235:
2008-03-14 jakeAttribute Xcsl dissector.
2008-03-14 geraldFrom Hannes Kalber:
2008-03-13 geraldFrom Hariharan Ananthakrishnan:
2008-03-11 stigFrom Francesco Fondelli (bug 2349):
2008-03-06 morrissFrom Florian Lohoff via
2008-02-29 jakeProperly attribute the FOUNDATION Fieldbus dissector...
2008-02-27 morrissFrom Holger Pfrommer via
2008-02-15 geraldAdd rawshark, a utility that, when given raw pcap-forma...
2008-02-12 stigAdded WLAN Traffic Statistics dialog.
2008-02-06 stigFrom Thomas Dreibholz (bug 2248):
2008-02-03 stigFrom Shane Kearns (bug 2237):
2008-01-29 bondoloUpdate my email address.
2008-01-28 jakeAdding Thomas Morin
2008-01-19 stigFrom Olivier Montanuy (bug 2198):
2008-01-10 morrissFrom Andy Chu: A dissector for China Mobile Point to...
2007-12-29 sfisherAdd preliminary dissector for network protocol used...
2007-12-28 stigCorrected a name in AUTHORS.
2007-12-17 sfisherFrom metatech:
2007-12-16 stigAdd the magic again...
2007-12-16 stigFrom Fulko Hew:
2007-12-16 stigFrom Marton Nemeth:
2007-11-25 sakeBug 1997 From Timo Teras:
2007-11-24 sakeThis patch adds (ten) temporary coloring rules which...
2007-11-23 stigFrom Jens Braeuer:
2007-11-05 sakeBug 1954 From Mikael Magnusson :
2007-11-02 martinmUpdate my email address.
2007-10-05 stigFrom Andrei Rubaniuk:
2007-09-30 guyFrom Stéphane Loeuillet: patches to fix problems with...
2007-09-17 stigFrom Martin Peylo:
2007-09-06 martinmBuild WiMAX ASN Control Plane dissector plugin
2007-08-27 stigAdjusted indentation to align email addresses.
2007-08-23 sfisherFrom Scott Robinson:
2007-08-22 stigFrom Todd J Martin:
2007-08-17 ashoknAdded support for 802.1ad and 802.1ah ethernet frames
2007-08-15 stigFixed a free -> g_free
2007-08-12 ulfladd IANA port-numbers file as a file named "services...
2007-07-27 morrissFrom Florent Drouin:
2007-07-23 morrissFrom Marc Petit-Huguenin: this is an update to the...
2007-07-20 morrissFrom Ted Percival: Support for PA-S4U2Self Kerberos...
2007-06-24 galThis patch adds RTSE reassembly. The reassembly is...
2007-06-18 sfisherFrom Joe Eykholt:
2007-05-21 sahlbergFrom Rob Casey a dissector for the KingFisher protocol
2007-05-20 jmayerMôshe van der Sterre:
2007-05-02 legoFrom Tamas Regos (Via Balint Reczey)
2007-04-27 jakeFrom Bingyao Du:
2007-04-16 geraldFrom Tuomas Maattanen:
2007-04-16 morrissFrom Victor Fajardo: update the PANA dissector to draft-15a
2007-04-13 morrissFrom Kevin A. Noll via bug 1522:
2007-04-12 legoFrom: Balint Reczey
2007-04-12 geraldAdditional 802.11k/n support from Dustin Johnson and...
2007-04-12 standelFrom Matthijs Mekking :
2007-04-10 morrissFrom David Kennedy via bug 1464:
2007-04-03 standelFrom metatech :
2007-03-25 sahlbergFrom Jon Smirl
2007-03-25 sahlbergFrom Jon Smirl
2007-03-25 sahlbergFrom Martin Sustrik
2007-03-22 sahlbergFrom Shaun Jackman
2007-03-19 guyFrom Charles Lepple: in a Get Descriptor message, the...
2007-03-10 morrissFrom Joost Yervante Damad via bug 1383: support for...
2007-03-09 geraldFix for bug 1264 from Julian Cable:
2007-03-05 etxrabAdd Dave Butt to the AUTHORS file.
2007-02-22 wmeierFrom Ryan Wamsley: Add Connection Configuration Object...
2007-02-18 girlichAdded a DTPT (DekTop PassThrough) dissector.
2007-02-15 legochange of AUTHOR address upon request
2007-02-13 grahambAdded Chris Bontje for his work on the DNP3 dissector...
2007-02-11 sfisherFrom Joe McEachern:
2007-02-09 tuexenFormatting.
2007-02-09 tuexenAdd support for SCTP reassembly from Robin Seggelmann.
2007-02-05 legoFrom Boris Misenov
2007-02-01 sahlbergIan Schorr <>
2007-02-01 morrissFrom Abhik Sarkar: support for decoding SS7 MSUs embedd...
2007-01-28 legoFrom Kriang Lerdsuwanakij:
2007-01-18 guyFrom Clay Jones: Shomiti wireless packet support.
2007-01-17 morrissFrom Sebastien Tandel: Support for the dissection of...
2007-01-09 sfisherFrom Mike Davies:
2006-12-25 sfisherFrom Sake Blok:
2006-12-22 gerald@ -> [AT]
2006-12-21 guySteve Sommars wanted his work e-mail address removed...
2006-12-18 sfisherFrom Sebastien Tandel:
2006-12-14 sfisherFrom Stig Bjorlykke:
2006-12-12 geraldUpdate Neil Kettle's address.
2006-12-11 sfisherFrom Thomas Sillaber:
2006-12-07 sfisherFrom Francesco Fondelli:
2006-12-05 geraldFrom Davide Schiera and Giorgio Tino: Add initial WPA...
2006-12-05 sfisherFrom Douglas Pratley with trivial changes and documenta...
2006-11-21 morrissAdd Japan SS7 variant to list of things I contributed...
2006-11-10 sahlbergFrom Alex B
2006-11-06 sahlbergnew acn dissector from Bill Florac
2006-10-26 sahlbergupdate of shaun j's detains
2006-10-11 sahlbergFrom Patrick vd Lageweg
2006-10-10 sahlbergFrom Paolo Abeni
2006-10-09 sahlbergfrom Joe Breher
2006-09-28 sahlbergFrom stephen fisher:
2006-09-28 sahlbergFrom Alex Burlyga
2006-09-18 jakeFrom Francesco Fondelli: