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2015-05-17 Michael AdamDocument the new titleframeopts key in the manpage. master
2015-05-17 Michael AdamAdd a titleframeopts special key to autotemplate.
2013-05-31 Valentin HaenelMerge branch 'munge_input'
2013-05-30 Valentin Haenelfix incorrect merge resolution from ab052d32c5 see: #5
2013-05-30 Valentin Haenelfix an escaped \ at the end of the line (hopefully)
2013-05-30 Valentin Haenelfix multimunge
2013-05-30 Valentin Haenelimplement and use the munge input function
2013-05-30 Valentin Haeneldesign for a munge input function, TDD
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2013-05-27 Valentin Haenelconvert README to markdown
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2013-05-27 Valentin Haenelexpose a decode problem with utf8 chars in code
2013-05-27 Valentin Haenelprune trailing whitespace
2013-05-27 Valentin HaenelMerge pull request #7 from esc/cherry_pick_keszybz_master
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