2015-05-17 Michael AdamDocument the new titleframeopts key in the manpage. master
2015-05-17 Michael AdamAdd a titleframeopts special key to autotemplate.
2013-05-31 Valentin HaenelMerge branch 'munge_input'
2013-05-30 Valentin Haenelfix incorrect merge resolution from ab052d32c5 see: #5
2013-05-30 Valentin Haenelfix an escaped \ at the end of the line (hopefully)
2013-05-30 Valentin Haenelfix multimunge
2013-05-30 Valentin Haenelimplement and use the munge input function
2013-05-30 Valentin Haeneldesign for a munge input function, TDD
2013-05-27 Valentin HaenelMerge branch 'markdownify_readme'
2013-05-27 Valentin Haenelconvert README to markdown
2013-05-27 Valentin Haenelproclaim myself maintainer
2013-05-27 Valentin Haeneladd Moritz and Zbigniew to the list of contributors
2013-05-27 Valentin HaenelMerge branch 'Fix_decode' into utf8-in-code
2013-05-27 Valentin Haenelexpose a decode problem with utf8 chars in code
2013-05-27 Valentin Haenelprune trailing whitespace
2013-05-27 Valentin HaenelMerge pull request #7 from esc/cherry_pick_keszybz_master
2013-05-27 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... new: test for special characters inside [code]
2013-05-27 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... enh: use ordered dict if available for keep code listin...
2013-05-27 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... fix: style fixes
2013-05-27 Valentin Haenelfix indentation level
2013-05-27 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... fix: don't create new lists and dictionaries where...
2013-05-27 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... fix: more .gitignores
2013-05-27 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... fix: really clear _file_cache
2013-05-27 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... fix: hash-collision avoidance code was borked
2013-05-27 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... fix: remove unused names found by pyflakes
2013-05-13 Moritz 'Morty... Implicit decode cause UnicodeDecodeError
2013-04-09 Valentin Haeneladd Sam as one of the contributors
2013-04-09 Sam TygierDont produce uncompilable latex if no space after item...
2012-10-19 Kai DietrichMerge branch 'master' of ssh://wiki2beamer.git.sourcefo...
2012-10-19 Kai Dietrichadd: update web page to include new fedora package
2012-03-31 Valentin Haenelmore typos in the example
2012-03-31 Kai Dietrichfix: typo in example
2012-03-31 Kai Dietrichadd: two more version number bumps
2012-03-31 Kai Dietrichadd: release date for changelog
2012-03-31 Kai Dietrichadd: bump version number to 0.9.5
2012-03-31 Valentin Haeneladd items for 0.9.5 changelog
2012-03-31 Valentin Haeneladd: figure example
2012-03-31 Valentin Haenelactually list contributors
2012-03-18 Volker MischeFix for bug 3365134
2011-06-14 Valentin Haenelfix: improve clarity of manpage
2011-06-10 Valentin Haenelfix: typos in manpage found with spellchecker
2011-06-10 Valentin Haenelfix: initial .gitignore
2011-06-10 Valentin Haenelfix: one small typo fix and one clarification
2011-05-26 Valentin Haeneladd clone url to website, people were asking about it
2011-05-15 Kai Dietrichopened changelog for next release
2011-05-15 Kai DietrichMerge branch 'feature-option-o'
2011-05-15 Kai Dietrichfix: usage string syntax improved
2011-05-15 Kai Dietrichadd: document -o in manpage
2011-05-15 Kai Dietrichadd: help message for -o
2011-05-15 Kai Dietrichadd: -o/--output for writing output to a file
2011-05-10 Kai DietrichMerge branch 'master' of ssh://wiki2beamer.git.sourcefo...
2011-05-10 Kai Dietrichimprove performance of make_sorted
2011-05-09 Valentin Haeneltypo
2011-05-09 Kai DietrichMerge branch 'prepare-release-0.9.4'
2011-05-09 Kai Dietrichupdated version numbers
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrichupdated changelog
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrichfix: sentence in example
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrichfix: >>>include<<< stoped working after [code] section
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrichtest: discover bug where >>>include<<< doesn't work...
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrichupdated some meta files
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrichreplaced sorted built-in with portable hand-built function
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrichreplaced list(set()) by a real make_unique method ...
2011-05-08 Kai DietrichMerge branch 'python3k-compat'
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrich2to3 and some minor tweaks (\u has to be escaped to...
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrichremoving unimportant and problematic version print
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrichmissing simple 2to3 refactorings
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrichadded print wrapper which should work everywhere
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrichpy3k print syntax adopted
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrichreplace xrange for range because 3k has no xrange anymore
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrichreimplement hex->alpha conversion by hand for 2.4/3k...
2011-05-08 Kai Dietrichremove 2.4/3k incompatible except syntax
2011-05-06 Kai DietrichMerge branch 'prepare-release-0.9.3'
2011-05-06 Kai Dietrichversion number in distutils setup.py
2011-05-06 Kai Dietrichversion number in README
2011-05-06 Kai Dietrichin-code version number updated
2011-05-06 Kai Dietrichupdated changelog and makefile
2011-05-06 Kai Dietrichdelete grammar tests in master
2011-04-28 Valentin HaenelMerge branch 'fix-3294518'
2011-04-28 Georges Khaznadarbugfix: 3294518
2011-04-28 Valentin Haeneltest: expose bug with ID 3294518
2011-04-28 Valentin Haeneltest: add trivial test for color transform
2011-02-04 Valentin HaenelBugfix: ID: 3168510
2011-01-15 Kai Dietrichmoved to subdir as i will try antlr
2011-01-15 Kai Dietrichimproved clean target
2011-01-15 Kai Dietrichparsing of content inside !alert! markup
2011-01-15 Kai Dietrichremoved obsolete dist targets
2011-01-13 Kai Dietrichfixed missing unicode tokens
2011-01-13 Kai Dietrichutf8 input support, environment matching in parser
2011-01-11 Kai Dietrichenvironment matching in parser
2011-01-10 Kai Dietrichsome progress with the wiki2beamer grammar
2011-01-01 Kai Dietrichgentoo ebuild for 0.9.2
2010-12-31 Kai DietrichVersion 0.9.2 preparations
2010-12-31 Kai Dietrichmore makefile automation for releases
2010-12-30 Kai Dietrichadded more self-praise
2010-12-30 Kai Dietrichautomatic web publishing
2010-12-30 Kai Dietrichtypo fixes and small additiony
2010-12-30 Kai Dietrichfinished example
2010-12-30 Kai Dietrichenvironments and escaping added
2010-12-29 Kai Dietrichcolumns and vspace added
2010-12-29 Kai Dietrichmore example text