2015-12-07 Michael AdamVagrantfile: systematic use of name lv for libvirt... master
2015-12-07 Michael Adamcreate-brick script: fixes
2015-12-07 Michael Adamvagrantfile: don't do sata (libvirt)
2015-12-07 Michael Adamsome cleanup
2015-12-07 Michael Adamuse new brick create script - devname independent
2015-12-07 Michael Adamprovision add v2 of a create-brick script
2015-12-06 Michael AdamTMP: add txt for brick script
2015-12-02 Michael AdamTODO/SQ ...
2015-12-02 Michael AdamTODO/SQ
2015-12-01 Michael AdamTODO/SQ: toward libvirt + vbox support....
2015-12-01 Michael AdamTMP/SQ: unfinished
2015-12-01 Michael AdamTODO/SQ: incomplete
2015-11-30 Michael AdamTODO -- add vbox support etc
2015-11-30 Michael AdamRevert "TMP"
2015-11-30 Michael AdamTMP
2015-11-26 Michael AdamUse f23 as base-box by default, moving setting to defau...
2015-11-26 Michael AdamFix protection from concurrent peer-probe
2015-11-26 Michael AdamRemove commented out unused stuff
2015-11-26 Michael AdamExternalize ctdb-create-conf provision script
2015-11-26 Michael AdamTurn reclockdir to a parameter to the ctdb-create-conf...
2015-11-26 Michael AdamExternalize (currently unused) ctdb-create-pubaddrs...
2015-11-26 Michael AdamExternalize ctdb-create-nodes provision script
2015-11-26 Michael AdamExternalize gluster-mount-volume script
2015-11-26 Michael AdamExternalize gluster-create-volume script
2015-11-26 Michael AdamExternalize gluster-wait-peers provision script.
2015-11-26 Michael AdamExternalize gluster-probe provision script
2015-11-26 Michael Adamexternalize brick creation provision script
2015-11-26 Michael AdamRename XFS_SCRIPT to CREATE_BRICK_SCRIPT
2015-11-26 Michael AdamHand base /export directory as parameter to xfs script
2015-11-25 Michael Adamexternalize ctdb-start script
2015-11-25 Michael Adamexternalize ctdb-stop script
2015-11-25 Michael Adamimprove a comment
2015-11-23 Michael Adamprovision: adapt checked messages for gluster volume...
2015-11-17 Michael AdamTODO: comment out net fix always and net fix initial
2015-11-17 Michael AdamDisable shared folder /vagrant
2015-11-17 Michael AdamTMP: comment out vagrant-cachier config / use
2015-03-17 Michael AdamMake timeout a parameter for the wait-peers script
2015-03-17 Michael AdamAllow probing again by other nodes if probing provision...
2015-03-17 Michael AdamStart to improve the peer probe script so that it can...
2015-03-17 Michael Adamslightly cleanup gluster mount script
2015-03-17 Michael AdamExtract starting of gluster to external script.
2015-03-17 Michael Adammove cache config into scope
2015-03-17 Michael Adamadd verbosity to peer probe script
2015-03-16 Michael AdamRemove verbosity from install script.
2015-03-16 Michael AdamRemove extracted install script.
2015-03-13 Michael AdamAdd verbosity to the gluster peer probe script
2015-03-13 Michael Adamremove commented out old prov script
2015-03-13 Michael AdamUse nfs for the cachier synced folder.
2015-03-13 Michael Adamcachier: use machine scope instead of box scope
2015-03-13 Michael AdamFix list of packages to install (quoting ...)
2015-03-13 Michael AdamAdd informative messages to the selinux script
2015-03-13 Michael AdamMake selinux script idempotent
2015-03-13 Michael Adamstart ctdb in net fixup script
2015-03-13 Michael AdamExtract install script to external script.
2015-03-13 Michael AdamChange install script to take arguments
2015-03-12 Michael AdamExtract selinux provisioning script to external script.
2015-03-12 Michael AdamIncrease timeouts waiting for peers.
2015-03-12 Michael AdamFix regression in gluster volume creation caused by...
2015-03-12 Michael AdamFix typo
2015-03-02 Michael AdamAlso install samba-client and samba-vfs-glusterfs.
2015-03-02 Michael AdamImprove selinux script: disable selinux after reboot.
2015-02-25 Michael AdamAdd selinux permissive script
2015-02-25 Michael AdamRemove more races from the create volume script.
2015-02-25 Michael AdamFix the gluster volume create script.
2015-02-25 Michael AdamSilence stderr messages from the peer-probe script.
2015-02-25 Michael AdamImprove net-fix scripts by adding an ifdown.
2015-02-25 Michael AdamTry to make the create-vol script more robust against...
2015-02-25 Michael AdamAdd an informative message.
2015-02-25 Michael AdamJust let one node do the probing in order to prevent...
2015-02-25 Michael AdamAdd wait-peers script.
2015-02-25 Michael AdamAdd readme and license
2015-02-24 Michael AdamFix net_fix_always script.
2015-02-24 Michael AdamFix creation of ctdb conf
2015-02-24 Michael AdamImprove the idempotence of the gluster_mount script.
2015-02-24 Michael AdamMake the createvol script idempotent.
2015-02-24 Michael AdamSilence the xfs script. (suppress error output from...
2015-02-24 Michael AdamRename some of the provisioners.
2015-02-24 Michael AdamImprove/fix idempotence in xfs script.
2015-02-24 Michael Adamattempt: try gluster peer probe several times before...
2015-02-24 Michael AdamRun the fix-net-always script after the install softwar...
2015-02-24 Michael AdamStart completing provisioning by setting up second...
2015-02-24 Michael AdamMake xfs provisioner idempotent.
2015-02-24 Michael AdamMake fix-net-always script functional in initial and...
2015-02-24 Michael AdamFix the reboot fix (eth1 not brought up)
2015-02-24 Michael AdamFix detection of aready modified fstab
2015-02-23 Michael AdamFusemount the first gluster volume on the nodes
2015-02-23 Michael AdamCreate and start a gluster volume.
2015-02-23 Michael AdamDo gluster probe.
2015-02-23 Michael AdamFirst steps towards a Vagrantfile for a gluster cluster...