2016-10-27 Anoop C Stests: Clean-up max_sockets test case master
2016-10-25 Anoop C Sswrap: Fix use-after-free
2016-10-25 Anoop C Sswrap: fix SWRAP_DLIST_ADD_AFTER
2016-10-25 Michael Adamswrap: fix use-after-free in swrap_remove_stale()
2016-10-25 Michael Adamswrap: slightly cleanup logic in swrap_close
2016-10-25 Michael Adamswrap: fix use-after-free in swrap_close
2016-10-25 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix build on Solaris
2016-10-21 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Mark flags in swrap_accept4 as unused
2016-10-21 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix the build on BSD and Solaris
2016-10-20 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Handle threads that fork
2016-10-20 Andreas Schneidercmake: Check for constructor attribute
2016-10-20 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Make symbol loading thread-safe
2016-10-20 Michael Adamcmake: Link pthread library headers
2016-10-20 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix strict-aliasing issues while loading symbols
2016-10-20 Michael Adamtests: Add a test for max_sockets
2016-10-20 Michael Adamswrap: Introduce a freelist in the socket_info array
2016-10-20 Anoop C Sswrap: Replace linked list of socket_info with prealloc...
2016-10-20 Michael Adamswrap: Optimization in (commented out) check_addr_port_...
2016-10-20 Michael Adamswrap: Improve vfcntl to add the dup'd fd after the...
2016-10-20 Michael Adamswrap: Improve dup2 to add the dup'd fd after the source fd
2016-10-20 Michael Adamswrap: Improve dup to add the dup'd fd after the source fd
2016-10-20 Michael Adamswrap: Add SWRAP_DLIST_ADD_AFTER macro
2016-10-20 Anoop C Sswrap: Untangle socket_info_fd from socket_info structure.
2016-08-23 Michael Adamswrap: remove ununsed members from struct swrap.
2016-08-23 Anoop C Sswrap: Add test case to validate oldfd = newfd case...
2016-08-23 Michael Adamswrap: Treat the case of fd == newfd correctly in dup2()
2016-08-12 Anoop C Sswrap: Delay addition of child socket_info_fd into...
2016-08-12 Anoop C Sswrap: Remove redunant check in swrap_socket
2016-08-12 Anoop C Sswrap: Simplify swrap_remove_stale by early return
2016-05-20 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.7
2016-05-17 Andreas Schneidertests: Add test_connect_sendto_null_ipv4() test
2016-05-17 Richard Sharpetests: Add a udp test case for sendto() after a connect()
2016-05-17 Richard Sharpeswrap: Fix sendto() with connected sockets
2016-05-17 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Allow to open RAW sockets when loaded
2016-05-03 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add support for accept4()
2016-05-03 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add support for running on OpenBSD
2016-03-15 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.6
2016-03-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix buliding on unix systems without AF_NETLINK
2016-02-24 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Use calloc() instead of malloc and memset
2016-02-24 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Allow to open NETLINK sockets when loaded
2015-11-04 Andreas Schneidertests: Add test for ephemeral port binding in listen()
2015-11-04 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Automatically bind an ephemeral port if needed
2015-10-28 Andreas Schneidertests: Add valgrind suppression file for dlopen() issues
2015-10-28 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add a wrapper for write()
2015-10-27 Andreas Schneidertorture: Use a short torture socket dir
2015-10-27 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix recvmsg() with UDP
2015-10-19 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix compare of signed and unsigned integer expre...
2015-10-19 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix compile warning
2015-10-15 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.5
2015-10-14 Ralph Boehmeswrap: Simplify cmspace calculation in swrap_sendmsg_co...
2015-10-14 Ralph Boehmetests: Add a unit test for wrap_sendmsg_filter_cmsghdr()
2015-10-14 Andreas Schneidertests: Add test for TCP_NODELAY setsockopt()
2015-10-14 Andreas Schneidertests: Add test for TCP_NODELAY getsockopt()
2015-10-14 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add support for TCP_NODELAY in getsockopt()
2015-10-14 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add support for TCP_NODELAY in setsockopt()
2015-08-25 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.4
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Call dlclose() in the destructor
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneidertests: Rename s_addr to send_addr
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix memset() call in new tests
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix passing pointer of incompatible type
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix signed comparsion warnings
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add enviornment variable to specify mtu size
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneidertests: Add tcp sendmsg/recvmsg test
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix TCP support with sendmsg/recvmsg
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneidertests: Tests for msg_name(len) in sendmsg/revcmsg
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix testname of sendmsg tests
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Correctly update the msg_name in recvmsg()
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneidertests: Migrate to new cmocka API
2015-07-15 Andreas SchneiderUpdate TODO
2015-04-20 Andreas SchneiderRegenerate manpage.
2015-04-20 Jelmer Vernooijdoc: Add a specific date to manpage
2015-02-25 Andreas Schneidercmake: Drop test results via https.
2015-02-23 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.3
2015-02-23 Andreas SchneiderUpdate ChangeLog
2015-02-18 Andreas Schneiderswrap: If we remove the socket_info also unlink the...
2014-12-16 Andreas Schneidertorture: Increase time to wait for pid file.
2014-10-24 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Do not leak the socket_info we just removed.
2014-10-24 Andreas Schneidercmake: Treat no_sanitize_address attribute warnings...
2014-10-20 Andreas Schneidersrc: Add support for running with address sanitizer.
2014-10-20 Andreas Schneidertorture: Check the return code of kill().
2014-10-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix the loop for older gcc versions.
2014-10-01 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.2.
2014-10-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add support for eventfd with unsigned count...
2014-10-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add a trace message for swrap_socket().
2014-10-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Implement fcntl() to catch F_DUPFD.
2014-10-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Include the function name in the debug output.
2014-09-03 Andreas Schneidertests: Add missing breaks in sockaddr assert functions.
2014-09-03 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix out of bound access.
2014-09-02 Andreas Schneidertests: Pass the sockaddr structure to system functions.
2014-09-02 Andreas Schneiderecho_srv: Silence alignment warnings.
2014-09-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Silence alignment warnings.
2014-09-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix type punning warnings when loading functions.
2014-09-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix access to struct members in log messages.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix whitespace errors.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Update copyright notice.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Wrap fopen to detect stale file descriptors.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Use swrap_address in swrap_accept().
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Remove unused sockaddr_dup() function.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Use swrap_address in the socket_info struct.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Use a sockaddr_un for the unix path in socket_info.