cmocka: fix doxygen comment for assert_return_code()
[obnox/cmocka.git] / CPackConfig.cmake
2014-04-14 Andreas Schneidercmake: Ignore .ycm_extra_conf.pyc.
2013-11-06 Andreas Schneidercmake: Exclude obj directory.
2013-07-24 Andreas Schneidercmake: Fix description and display name.
2013-07-24 Andreas Schneidercmake: Fix homepage url.
2013-07-10 Andreas Schneidercmake: Bump version to 0.3.1.
2013-06-05 Andreas SchneiderChange version number of the package.
2012-10-09 Andreas Schneidercpack: Update version number.
2012-06-14 Andreas SchneiderRename cmokery to cmocka for a fork.
2011-05-31 Andreas Schneiderbuild: Added CPack config for source and binary generators.