6 days ago Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.6 master nss_wrapper-1.1.6
6 days ago Andreas Schneidercpack: Fix description and vendor
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidergitlab-ci: Setup CI for nss_wrapper
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Use GNUInstallDirs
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Do not run test_nwrap_disabled with sanitizers
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Disable source code execution when cross compiling
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Put defines in config.h
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Fix configure check for libdl
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Use target_include_directories()
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Update AddCMockaTest.cmake
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Update cmocka requirement
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Support running the tests with AddressSanitizer
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Add AddressSanitizer and UndefinedSanitizer
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Move Compiler flags to new file
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Remove obsolete DefineCompilerFlags.cmake
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Improve checks for compiler flags
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Update CMake defaults
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Do not misuse CMAKE_REQUIRED_LIBRARIES
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Require at least cmake 3.5.0
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix strict aliasing issues in test_nwrap_disabled
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix sockaddr alignment issues in test_getaddrinfo
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix passwd entry for alice
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix copying 'struct passwd' on FreeBSD
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Rewrite nwrap_gr_copy_r() to take memory alignme...
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Also check for NUL-byte in group loop
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix strict aliasing issue with sockaddr
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix strict aliasing issues
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Use memcpy instead of strncpy
2019-02-28 Andreas SchneiderREADME: Rename to a markdown file
2018-10-31 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.5 nss_wrapper-1.1.5
2018-10-31 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Do not call nwrap_init() in the constructor
2018-10-31 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Call exit() if something goes wrong during initi...
2018-10-31 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Use calloc in nwrap_libc_init()
2018-10-31 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.4 nss_wrapper-1.1.4
2018-10-30 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Don't do a deep bind if we run with libasan
2018-10-30 Andreas Schneidertests: Check pointers of get(pw|gr)(nam|uid|gid)_r...
2018-10-30 Ralph Wuerthnernwrap: fix nwrap_module_getgrent_r
2018-10-30 Ralph Wuerthnernwrap: fix nwrap_module_getgrgid_r
2018-10-30 Ralph Wuerthnernwrap: fix nwrap_module_getgrnam_r
2018-10-30 Ralph Wuerthnernwrap: fix nwrap_module_getpwent_r
2018-10-30 Ralph Wuerthnernwrap: fix nwrap_module_getpwuid_r
2018-10-30 Ralph Wuerthnernwrap: fix nwrap_module_getpwnam_r
2018-08-09 Andreas Schneiderctest: Move to new dashboard
2018-08-09 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Update header
2018-08-09 Andreas SchneiderUpdate LICENSE file
2018-08-09 Andreas SchneiderRename COPYING to LICENSE
2018-08-09 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Print errno when hsearch() returns NULL
2018-08-09 Dennis Schriddetests: Add musl-libc 1.1 compatibility (gethostent())
2018-08-09 Dennis Schriddetests: Add musl-libc 1.1 compatibility (getaddrinfo...
2018-08-09 Dennis Schriddetests: Add musl-libc 1.1 compatibility (getaddrinfo...
2018-08-09 Andreas Schneidercpack: Do not package build dirs in source tarball
2018-08-09 Andreas Schneidercmake: Replace deprecated get_target_property()
2017-10-13 Douglas Bagnallnwrap: Fix strotoul checks for NSS_WRAPPER_MAX_HOSTENTS
2017-05-31 Dennis Schriddetestsuite: Add compatibility for musl-libc 1.1
2017-05-31 Dennis Schriddenwrap: Add compatibility for musl-libc 1.1
2017-05-31 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Add a comment to the pthread_atfork() call
2017-05-31 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Use a constructor to initialize pthread and...
2017-05-31 Andreas Schneidercmake: Check for contructor attribute support
2017-05-31 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Add NULL checks for destructor
2017-05-04 Volker Lendeckenss_wrapper: Use perl via "env"
2016-03-18 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.3 nss_wrapper-1.1.3
2016-03-16 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Use snprintf() instead of strcpy()
2016-03-16 Andreas Schneidertests: Add testing for BSD 'struct passwd' members
2016-03-16 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Support FreeBSD 'struct passwd' members
2015-12-17 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.2 nss_wrapper-1.1.2
2015-12-17 Andreas Schneidertests: Add reload test for the hosts file
2015-12-17 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix segfaults while reloading hosts file
2015-11-24 Andreas Schneidertests: Add the same alias again
2015-11-24 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Don't fail if we want to add an existing entry
2015-11-24 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.1 nss_wrapper-1.1.1
2015-11-24 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix the build on Solaris
2015-11-20 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.0 nss_wrapper-1.1.0
2015-11-20 Michael Adamtests: add __sha512_crypt to suppression file.
2015-11-20 Andreas Schneidertests: Set the valgrind suppression file
2015-11-20 Andreas Schneidertests: Add valgrind suppression for glibc error
2015-11-20 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Don't leak memory from gethostbyname*() functions
2015-11-20 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix the build on FreeBSD
2015-11-20 Michael Adamnwrap: fix a copy and paste error in the destructor.
2015-11-19 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Cleanup shadow getspnam() memory
2015-11-19 Michael Adamnwrap: fix leaking the entlists
2015-11-19 Michael Adamnwrap: catch error to add item to vector in nwrap_he_pa...
2015-11-19 Michael Adamnwrap: rename nwrap_he.entdata to nwrap_he.entries
2015-11-19 Michael Adamnwrap: remove unused member list from struct nwrap_he
2015-11-17 Robin Hacknwrap: Small code shift in nwrap_ed_inventarize_add_to_...
2015-11-17 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix memory leaks in getaddrinfo test
2015-11-16 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Cast max_hostents to avoid warnings
2015-11-16 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix initialization of e entry
2015-11-16 Andreas Schneidertests: Silence compiler warnings about uninitialized...
2015-11-16 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix getaddrinfo test on BSD
2015-11-13 Michael Adamadd me to AUTHORS
2015-11-13 Robin Hacktests: Add test to exercise internal data structures
2015-11-13 Michael Adamtest: add test for AI_NUMERICHOST flag.
2015-11-13 Michael Adamnwrap: remove ai_tail argument from nwrap_files_getaddr...
2015-11-13 Michael Adamnwrap: rewrite the loop for duplication ai entries...
2015-11-13 Michael Adamnwrap: add an explaining comment for the ai duplicating...
2015-11-13 Michael Adamnwrap: move setting of ai_{flags|socktype|protocol...
2015-11-13 Michael Adamnwrap: use symbols IPPROTO_TCP and IPPROTO_UDP
2015-11-13 Michael Adamnwrap: rename _ai -> ai_new in nwrap_files_getaddrinfo()
2015-11-13 Michael Adamnwrap: fix a memleak in nwrap_files_getaddrinfo()
2015-11-13 Michael Adamnwrap: rename ai_prev -> ai_cur in nwrap_files_getaddri...