2009-10-14 Andrew Tridgells4-drs: implement more of DsUpdateRefs
2009-10-14 Andrew Tridgellldb: fixed display of replUpToDateVector
2009-10-14 Andrew Tridgelldrs: improved error checking
2009-10-14 Andrew Tridgells4-dsdb: added samdb_rodc() and samdb_ntds_options()
2009-10-14 Andrew Tridgelllibds: added nTDSDSA options flags
2009-10-14 Andrew Tridgellidl: added WSPP DrsOptions bit names
2009-10-14 Jeremy AllisonFix the build, missing ->.
2009-10-14 Jeremy AllisonFinal part of fix for bug 6793 - winbindd crash with...
2009-10-14 Volker Lendeckes3:winbind: Fix a double-free
2009-10-14 Volker Lendeckes3:winbind: Fix bug 6793 -- segfault in winbindd_pam_auth
2009-10-14 Günther Deschners3-build: we need to have talloc 2.0.1 when building...
2009-10-14 Simo Sorcetalloc: Fix exports and increment talloc version talloc-2.0.1
2009-10-14 Simo Sorcetalloc: Make abi checks in release script
2009-10-14 Simo Sorcetalloc: Move release script under /script too
2009-10-14 Simo Sorcetalloc: Change the way mksysms work
2009-10-14 Günther Deschners3-passdb: missed two prototypes while moving to enum...
2009-10-14 Matthias Dieter... s4:torture cldap test - Add checks for the right forest...
2009-10-14 Matthias Dieter... s4:password_hash - load the domain parameters from...
2009-10-14 Matthias Dieter... s4:torture - fix up "ldap_basic" test
2009-10-14 Matthias Dieter... s4: Changes the old occurences of "lp_realm" in "lp_dns...
2009-10-14 Matthias Dieter... s4:loadparm - adapt "realm" handling
2009-10-14 Bo Yangs3: Fix reference to freed memory in pam_winbind.
2009-10-13 Andrew BartlettRevert "s4:hdb-samba4 - Don't double-free "db""
2009-10-13 Andrew Bartletts4:heimdal A real fix for bug 6801
2009-10-13 Björn Jackes3:net: simplify padding to single printf call
2009-10-13 Björn Jackes3:net simplify padding to single printf call
2009-10-13 Volker Lendeckes3:net: Fix a segfault in "net rpc trustdom list" for...
2009-10-13 Jeremy AllisonRemove use of "int ret" when we already have errcode.
2009-10-13 Jeremy AllisonCatch one more erroneous use of errno.
2009-10-13 Olaf Flebbecorrectly handle aio_error() and errno
2009-10-13 Volker Lendeckes3:torture: Add a notify-bench test
2009-10-13 Volker Lendeckes3:libsmb: Add cli_notify
2009-10-13 Volker Lendeckes3:rpc: Fix is_known_pipename for dynamically loaded...
2009-10-13 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix some nonempty blank lines
2009-10-13 Andrew Tridgells3: Fix vfs_shadow_copy2 to allow in-path @GMT-xxx
2009-10-13 Olaf Flebbes3/loadparm: Fix severe HPUX compiler issue.
2009-10-13 Matthias Dieter... s4:hdb-samba4 - Don't double-free "db"
2009-10-13 Matthias Dieter... s4:dcesrv_samr - add another constant
2009-10-12 Matthias Dieter... s4:dcesrv_samr - prevent "ldb_modify" on a possibly...
2009-10-12 Matthias Dieter... s4:dcesrv_samr - Add additional "talloc_free"s
2009-10-12 Matthias Dieter... s4:dcesrv_samr - Cosmetics
2009-10-12 Matthias Dieter... s4:ldb_tdb - Revert some introduced "trivial gotos"
2009-10-12 Matthias Dieter... Enhance ".gitignore" file for s4
2009-10-13 Günther Deschners3-winbindd: add wbint_ChangeMachineAccount implementation.
2009-10-13 Günther Deschnerdocs: document wbinfo -c.
2009-10-13 Günther Deschnernsswitch: add wbinfo -c (change trust account passwords).
2009-10-13 Günther Deschnerlibwbclient: add wbcChangeTrustCredentials.
2009-10-13 Günther Deschnerdocs: document wbinfo -t --domain DOMAIN behavior.
2009-10-13 Günther Deschnernetlogon: add NL_PASSWORD_VERSION to IDL.
2009-10-13 Günther Deschners3: use enum netr_SchannelType all over the place.
2009-10-13 Günther Deschners3-netlogon: allow to change any type of trust account...
2009-10-13 Andrew Tridgells4-repl: check that a DsGetNCChanges is a continuation...
2009-10-12 Andrew TridgellMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-10-12 Andrew Tridgellpidl: don't warn for compatible scalar types in unions
2009-10-12 Günther Deschners3-netlogon: pass down account name to remote password...
2009-10-12 Björn Jackeѕ3: fix domain trust documentation confusion
2009-10-12 Matthias Dieter... - simplify the "realm" variable handlin...
2009-10-12 Matthias Dieter... s4:objectclass ldb module - Check for empty messages
2009-10-12 Matthias Dieter... s4:wbclient.h - add compatibility constants
2009-10-12 Matthias Dieter... Revert "s4:ldb - add a check which has to be done on...
2009-10-12 Günther Deschners3-docs: remove xml artefact from net.8.xml.
2009-10-12 Andrew Bartletts4:ldb Allow a NULL module list
2009-10-12 Karolin Seegers3/proto.h: Add lp_ldap_ref_follow prototype.
2009-10-12 Jan Engelhardts3/smbldap: add option to disable following LDAP refs
2009-10-12 Andrew BartlettAllow (and ignore) distinguishedName on special records
2009-10-12 Andrew Bartletts4:schema Add some error checking to the schema load
2009-10-12 Andrew Bartletts4:dsdb Make dsdb_read_prefixes_from_ldb static
2009-10-12 Andrew Bartletts4:ldb Reload the 'ltdb_cache' when @OPTIONS changes
2009-10-12 Andrew Bartletts4:ldb Allow a module string of ""
2009-10-12 Andrew Bartletts4:dsdb Search for the schema with dsdb_module_search...
2009-10-12 Andrew Bartletts4:dsdb Add new functions to help modules do an ldb_sea...
2009-10-12 Andrew Bartletts4:provision Remove all references to samba4LocalDomain
2009-10-12 Andrew Bartletts4:provision Clarify that we set, rather than modify...
2009-10-12 Andrew Tridgells4-selftest: don't run benchmarks on the build farm...
2009-10-12 Andrew Tridgelltorture: fixed socket leak in BENCH-TCON test
2009-10-12 Andrew Tridgellscripts: handle non-C files in
2009-10-12 Andrew Tridgells4-drs: make DsBind a bit less verbose
2009-10-11 Simo SorceFix builds with external tdb
2009-10-11 Matt KraaiUse the method used by to discover the...
2009-10-09 Steven Dannemans4/torture: fix build break "implicit declaration of...
2009-10-09 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix a memleak reported by dmarkey
2009-10-09 Simo SorceFix builds with external talloc
2009-10-09 John H TerpstraChange recommended bu PC Oota.
2009-10-09 Karolin Seegerasn1_tests: Fix typo in comment.
2009-10-08 Jeremy AllisonCope with old CIFSFS clients that use SMBunlink to...
2009-10-08 Jeremy AllisonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-10-08 Björn Jackes3: make linking of libwbclient --as-needed safe
2009-10-08 Jeremy AllisonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-10-08 John H TerpstraFix typos. Thank-you PC Oota.
2009-10-08 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix shadow copy display on Windows 7
2009-10-08 Matthias Dieter... winbind: adapt the new reject constants also there
2009-10-08 Günther Deschners3-winbindd: NDR_WBINT_CHECKMACHINEACCOUNT should not...
2009-10-08 Matthias Dieter... s3/s4 - Adapt the IDL changes on various locations
2009-10-08 Matthias Dieter... s3/s4:samr.idl - Corrects the "userPwdChangeFailureInfo...
2009-10-07 Jeremy AllisonExteded RAW-RENAME test to catch regressions in bug...
2009-10-07 Jeremy AllisonOops. Don't break the build..
2009-10-07 Jeremy AllisonMake the logic a lot clearer and fix the comment to...
2009-10-07 Matthias Dieter... s4:ldb - SQLite: port some constraints from the TDB...
2009-10-07 Matthias Dieter... s4:subtree_delete - Make the initialisation of the...
2009-10-07 Matthias Dieter... - Further enhancements