lib:util: Add test for talloc_keep_secret()
[nivanova/samba-autobuild/.git] / selftest /
2019-04-03 Andreas Schneiderlib:util: Add test for talloc_keep_secret()
2019-04-03 Michael HanselmannoLschema2ldif: Resolve multiple parsing bugs
2019-03-21 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Remove obsolete py3_compatible=True markers
2019-03-20 Michael Hanselmannregfio: Add trivial unit test
2019-02-21 Joe Guoselftest/tests: add smoketests for dbcheck --quick...
2019-02-21 Joe Guoselftest/tests: add helper method to simplify plantestsuite
2019-01-12 Noel Powerselftest: Enable ldb.python for PY3
2018-12-23 Stefan Metzmacherpy:dcerpc/tests: rename dcerpc/ ->
2018-12-10 Noel PowerPY3: wrap filter calls with list where list is expected
2018-10-25 Douglas Bagnallselftest/ avoid import *
2018-10-02 Mathieu Parenttests: Check pam_winbind pw change with different options
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoyselftest/ update to support waf 2.0
2018-09-05 Thomas Nagyselftest/ Update path to waflib
2018-08-24 Joe GuoPEP8: fix E225: missing whitespace around operator
2018-08-24 Joe GuoPEP8: fix E128: continuation line under-indented for...
2018-08-14 Andrew BartlettCVE-2018-1139 libcli/auth: Add initial tests for ntlm_p...
2018-07-12 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Add tests for samba.auth.admin_session()
2018-05-15 Aaron Haslettauth: keytab invalidation test
2018-04-13 Joe Guoselftest/graph: enable py3 for samba.tests.graph
2018-04-13 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for
2018-04-13 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.source
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.blackbox.ndrdump
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.samdb_api
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.kcc.graph_utils
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.kcc.graph
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.upgradeprovision
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.hostconfig
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.common
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.dcerpc.string
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.dcerpc.array
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.dcerpc.rpc_talloc
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.password_quality
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.upgrade
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.blackbox.check_output
2018-04-05 Noel Powerget make test TESTS=samba.tests.provision to work
2018-04-05 Noel Powersamba python tests: enable samba.tests.ntacls for python3
2018-04-05 Noel Powerselftest python: get samba.tests.s3idmapdb to run with py3
2018-04-05 Noel Powerpython selftest: enable samba.tests.s3windb to run...
2018-04-05 Noel Powerpython selftest: enabled samba.tests.s3registry to...
2018-04-05 Noel Powerpython selftest: enable samba.tests.s3passdb to run...
2018-04-05 Noel Powerpython selftest: enable samba.tests.s3param to run...
2018-04-05 Noel Powerpython selftest: split samba3 test into separate tests
2018-04-05 Noel Powersamba test python: enable samba.tests.policy for py3
2018-03-21 Garming Samtests/kcc_util: Add unit tests for automatic site coverage
2018-03-02 David Disseldorptests: Add basic ms_fnmatch unit test
2018-02-22 Douglas Bagnallutil/tests: add rfc1738 cmocka tests
2018-02-22 Douglas Bagnallselftest/ remove always-needed, never-set...
2018-02-19 Andreas Schneidertests: Add tests for parsing LDAPv3 and LDAPv2 filter...
2018-02-07 Gary Lockyersamdb: Add tests for samdb tdb file creation.
2018-02-07 Stefan Metzmacherselftest: run "samba.tests.common"
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallpython/graph: module for generating ASCII and graphviz...
2017-12-20 Garming New test for ensuring that the prep...
2017-12-14 Tim Bealeselftest: Add basic test for schema upgrade
2017-12-09 Jamie McClymontsamba-tool: validate password early in `domain provision`
2017-11-24 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Add more corruption cases for runtime and...
2017-11-08 Lumir Balharpython: Port ntvfs posix bindings to Python 3 compatibl...
2017-10-23 Lumir Balharpython: Port tests of samba.messaging to Python 3 compa...
2017-10-19 Joe Guopython: add a failed test to show Popen deadlock
2017-10-18 Lumir Balhartests: Improve tests of samba.registry Python module
2017-09-06 Lumir Balharpython: Enable execution of with...
2017-08-17 Gary Lockyerscripts: Scripts to replay and generate samba traffic
2017-08-07 Andreas Schneiderpython:tests: Add test for warn_pwd_expire
2017-07-05 Lumir Balharpython: tests: Add test for tdb_copy function from...
2017-06-13 Stefan Metzmacherselftest: test pam_winbind with a local user on ad_member
2017-06-13 Stefan Metzmacherselftest: use "$DC_USERNAME" and "$DC_PASSWORD" for...
2017-06-13 Stefan Metzmacherpython/samba/tests: don't use hardcoded names in *pam_w...
2017-06-09 Andreas Schneiderlibcli:smb: Add unit test for smb_bytes_pull_str()
2017-06-06 Andreas Schneiderunittest: Add testsuite for smb_probe_module()
2017-06-06 Andreas Schneiderunittest: Add testsuite for is_known_pipename()
2017-04-12 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Only build pam_wrapper if we build with pam
2017-04-07 Andreas Schneiderpython: Add a simple pam_winbind test
2017-03-10 Lumir Balharpython: selftests: Enable samba.getopt tests execution...
2017-03-10 Lumir Balharpython: samba.tests.core: Port and enable core tests...
2017-03-10 Lumir Balharpython: samba.auth: Port samba.auth to Python 3 compati...
2017-03-10 Lumir Balharpython: samba.tests.dcerpc.misc: Port and enable tests
2017-03-10 Lumir Balharpython: samba.tests: Enable Python 3 tests for ported...
2017-03-01 Gary Lockyerscript: Add test script for
2016-12-16 Andreas Schneidertestsuite: Add cmocka unit test for smb_krb5_kt_open()
2016-11-22 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Add test for link and deleted link behaviour...
2016-09-01 Douglas BagnallRemove unused python selftest
2016-09-01 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Add test for 'samba-tool tombstones expunge'
2016-09-01 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Correct name of samba4.blackbox.dbcheck.relea...
2016-08-31 Douglas Bagnallselftest: allow scripts to run independently
2016-07-15 Douglas Bagnalldbcheck linked attribute tests: save environment with...
2016-05-10 Douglas Bagnalltests/dcerpc: add tests for string allocation and deletion
2016-05-09 Douglas Bagnallselftest: Enable samba.tests.dcerpc.array test
2016-03-10 Garming SamCVE-2016-0771: tests: rename test getopt to get_opt
2015-10-26 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Confirm a demote of a real network works
2015-08-24 Andrew Bartlettpython/tests: Add tests for integer overflow handling
2015-06-12 Douglas BagnallKCC: add tests for kcc.graph repltimes functions
2015-06-12 Douglas BagnallKCC: add a very puny stub for kcc.kcc_utils tests
2015-06-12 Douglas BagnallKCC move and fix ldif_import_export and graph_utils...
2015-05-30 Douglas BagnallKCC: ldif_utils: ldif_to_samdb doesn't need creds;...
2015-05-29 Douglas BagnallKCC: test suite for the graph_utils
2015-03-26 Jelmer VernooijMove waf into third_party/.
2015-03-16 Michael Adamselftest: rename env dc to ad_dc_ntvfs
2014-11-30 Jelmer Vernooijselftest/ Remove testsuite samba.tests.samdb...
2014-11-19 Jelmer VernooijFix subunit test suite name.
2014-10-17 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Run samba.tests.messaging in an environment...
2014-10-14 Jelmer VernooijRun duplicate symbol check as just another test, rather...