lib/krb5_wrap: Remove unused smb_krb5_get_creds
[nivanova/samba-autobuild/.git] / lib / krb5_wrap / krb5_samba.c
2012-06-03 Andrew Bartlettlib/krb5_wrap: Remove unused smb_krb5_get_creds
2012-06-01 Alexander Bokovoywaf: check for krb5_create_checksum and krb5_creds...
2012-05-23 Alexander Bokovoylib/krb5_wrap: implement krb5_cc_get_lifetime for MIT...
2012-05-08 Andreas Schneiderkrb5samba: Add smb_krb5_make_pac_checksum.
2012-05-08 Simo Sorcekrb5samba: Add krb5_free_checksum_contents wrapper
2012-05-04 Andreas Schneiderkrb5samba: Add a smb_krb5_cc_get_lifetime() function.
2012-05-04 Simo Sorcekrb5samba: Add compat krb5_make_principal for MIT build
2012-05-04 Simo Sorcekrb5samba: Add compat code to initialize keyblock contents
2012-05-04 Simo SorceSplit normal kinit from s4u2 flavored kinit
2012-05-04 Simo SorceMove kerberos_kinit_password_cc to krb5samba lib
2012-05-04 Simo SorceMove kerberos_kinit_keyblock_cc to krb5samba lib
2012-05-04 Simo Sorcekrb5samba: Remove unnecessary include file
2012-05-04 Simo SorceFix krb5_samba.c build
2012-04-24 Alexander Bokovoylib/replace: split out GSSAPI from lib/replace/system...
2012-04-23 Simo SorceMake krb5 wrapper library common so they can be used...