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2009-08-21 Deryck HodgeRemove likewise from vendors page.
2009-01-20 Gerald CarterUpdate vendor entry for Likewise
2008-10-07 John TerpstraAdded header only.
2008-09-24 John TerpstraAdded ClarkConnect logo.
2008-09-24 John TerpstraAdded ClarkConnect.Com as a Samba Vendor.
2006-11-27 Gerald Carterremove old sco vendor blurb
2006-11-06 Deryck HodgeDrop cobolt from venders list, per Jerry's suggestion.
2006-11-06 Deryck HodgeCorrectly alphabetize vendor listings.
2006-10-27 Deryck HodgeAdd Centeris info to vendor's list.
2006-07-21 Deryck HodgeUpdate vendor entry and image.
2006-03-29 Deryck HodgeKeep vendors in alphabetical order.
2006-03-28 Deryck HodgeAdd vendors entry for Centrify.
2006-01-21 Deryck HodgeRemove BM Open Enterprise System Virtualization entry
2005-08-04 Deryck HodgeUpdate email contact for IBM product on vendors page.
2005-05-11 Deryck HodgeAnother attempt at simplifying headers, while still
2005-05-03 Deryck HodgeReverting r659 from earlier today. abartlet correctly...
2005-05-03 Deryck HodgeLooks worse than it is... just touching every file...
2005-02-01 Deryck HodgeAdding FAQ to main menu.
2005-01-10 Deryck Hodgegeez. Can't I get links right anymore?
2005-01-10 Deryck HodgeAdding a new samba-based app to the vendors list.
2005-01-10 Deryck HodgeFix typo in link.
2005-01-09 Deryck HodgeUpdating vendor info.
2004-12-10 Deryck HodgeMake sure to call the new menu_options file
2004-11-29 Deryck HodgeMarking CVS Source historical on all headers.
2004-11-18 Deryck HodgeHide javascript from old browsers.
2004-09-11 Deryck HodgeFix xhtml validation errors on Docs page. Add the...
2004-09-09 Deryck HodgeFix path to file used for generating mirrors list.
2004-08-24 Deryck HodgeMake samba-csadmin a link to make clear where requests
2004-08-24 Deryck HodgeAdd IBM Open Enterprise System Virtualization product...
2004-08-20 Deryck HodgeChange "GUI interfaces" to "GUIs" everywhere a
2004-08-10 Deryck HodgeSet news headline links to font-size:small. Add security
2004-08-09 Deryck HodgeRemove all "norobots" meta tags that were placed in...
2004-08-09 Deryck HodgeMoving files from tmp to to bring vendors...
2004-06-08 Gerald Carterfixing temporatu glitch for deryck (while he's at work)
2004-06-08 Deryck HodgeCleaned up formatting on Lantime vendor entry. Added...
2004-06-04 Deryck HodgeAdded AMI and Meinberg to vendors list; both emailed...
2004-04-15 Gerald Carterimporting sambaweb