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2009-05-05 Michael AdamLink to my homepage instead of email address.
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2008-10-15 Steven DannemanAdded Tim and my name's to the team list.
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2007-11-15 Deryck HodgeRemove T-shirt, mugs, etc. promos from the site.
2007-04-16 Michael Adamadd myself to the team list
2007-04-16 Kai BlinAdding myself to the team list.
2007-02-05 Andrew Tridgellvance is moving to the alumni
2006-11-05 Tim PotterRemove another alumni and not alumni.
2006-11-05 Tim PotterRemove some alumni from active members list.
2006-11-05 Tim PotterAdd some more alumni.
2006-09-22 Deryck HodgeLink blue is #0000EE.
2006-09-21 Derrell LipmanI didn't exist
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2005-09-04 Deryck HodgeAdd news item on James joining them Team (procrastination
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2005-08-07 Gerald Carterreplacing TODO list with projects page
2005-08-06 Deryck HodgeLots of photo goodness here...
2005-07-22 Gerald Carteradding John Reilly to alumni list
2005-06-27 Deryck HodgeDavid Bannon's name appeared twice after the re-ordering.
2005-06-27 Vance LankhaarMove slightly closer to alphabetic order.
2005-06-27 Gerald Carter* move martin to the alumni list (at his request)
2005-06-24 Gerald Cartermoving David Bannon to the alumni section and removing...
2005-06-15 Lars MüllerAdd myself.
2005-06-15 Love Hörnquist ÅstrandAdd myself
2005-05-11 Deryck HodgeAnother attempt at simplifying headers, while still
2005-05-03 Deryck HodgeReverting r659 from earlier today. abartlet correctly...
2005-05-03 Deryck HodgeLooks worse than it is... just touching every file...
2005-04-08 Deryck HodgeWhy say there's 20 of us when we list 30-something.
2005-02-01 Deryck HodgeAdding FAQ to main menu.
2005-01-26 Andrew Tridgelladded new alumni members
2005-01-13 Andrew BartlettI've knocked up a home page, so now link to it.
2004-12-10 Deryck HodgeMake sure to call the new menu_options file
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2004-09-09 Deryck HodgeFix path to file used for generating mirrors list.
2004-09-03 Deryck HodgeThis adds a set of templates in each directory to
2004-08-20 Deryck HodgeChange "GUI interfaces" to "GUIs" everywhere a
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2004-08-08 Gerald Cartermerging new web site