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2010-08-08 John H TerpstraAdded 3smil at request of Daniel Muller <info@3mil...
2010-06-30 John H TerpstraAdded ICE Systems at request of Neil Smith <neil.smith...
2010-06-29 John H TerpstraAnother typo in a web URL for a support listing. Now...
2010-06-29 John H TerpstraFix another typo in the mailto URL.
2010-06-18 John H TerpstraAdded Blue Horse Consulting Limited entry per request...
2010-06-16 John H TerpstraFixed type. Novso, not Novoso.
2010-06-16 John H TerpstraAdded Novso entry at request of Nicholas Deffayet ...
2010-06-16 John H TerpstraFixed typo - the closing pre markup was missed.
2010-06-11 John H TerpstraAdded "Just A Guy Enterprises" at request of hello...
2010-06-07 John H TerpstraAdded Gekko entry.
2010-05-25 John H TerpstraAdded entry at Gavin Henry request - duplicate of Scotl...
2010-05-10 John H TerpstraAdded Zeropiu Spa entry for Itali.
2010-05-06 Stefan Metzmacherchange over to the new webdesign
2010-05-04 John H TerpstraUpdated file permissions only.
2010-05-04 John H TerpstraUpdated index information to remove temporary notice...
2010-05-03 John TerpstraAdded hyperlinks.
2010-05-03 John TerpstraAdded hyperlinks.
2010-05-03 John TerpstraAdding OpenIQ entry for Australia per Lee Curtis request.
2010-04-27 John TerpstraAdded itsystems at request of
2010-03-27 John TerpstraFixed alphabetic ordering of entries.
2010-03-16 John TerpstraUpdates from email requests.
2010-03-02 John TerpstraAdded Cybersource - Australia.
2010-02-26 John TerpstraFix typo
2010-02-25 John Terpstraadded links
2010-02-25 John TerpstraUpdates, fixes, adding global support.
2010-02-24 John TerpstraUpdated from Midtfyns
2010-02-24 Volker LendeckeFix umlauts for s+c
2010-02-24 John TerpstraFix double-quotes
2010-02-24 John TerpstraFix apostrophes
2010-02-24 John TerpstraUpdate from Loftus IT
2010-02-23 John TerpstraUpdate dropping Greece - no response from listed entities.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdate complete except for typos and new entries.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraMore updates.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraFixing typos and extended characters.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdate.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraFix typo.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdate France.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraDenmark.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdate Czeck.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdate Brazil.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraFix typo.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraFixing bad entry for Holland.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdate.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdated Costa Rica
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdated Colombia.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdated Canada.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdated Belgium.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdated Austria.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdated Scotland.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdating New Zealand.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdates to India, UK, Pakistan, Australia.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdating Australian Support, formatting update to U...
2010-02-22 John TerpstraFixed formatting.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraFixed formatting.
2010-02-22 John TerpstraUpdated by JHT 20100222
2010-02-01 Jeremy AllisonUpdate Dentar phone number.
2009-12-15 Jeremy AllisonAdded lines.
2009-11-28 Jeremy AllisonAdded Abax Asesores
2009-11-27 Jeremy AllisonUpdated DeepRoot Linux
2009-11-11 Jeremy AllisonUpdated transparen corp.
2009-01-20 Deryck HodgeAdd an india support provider.
2009-01-12 Deryck HodgeAdd a support entry for the UK.
2008-09-15 Deryck HodgeAdd some new additions to the support lists.
2008-09-15 Deryck HodgeAdd and update support entries,
2008-07-02 John TerpstraUpdating my contact info.
2008-07-02 John TerpstraUpdating my contact info.
2008-04-23 Deryck Hodgegah! I guess I never committed this form update on...
2008-03-13 Deryck HodgeSome support updates.
2007-05-18 Deryck HodgeA more global replace of media="all".
2006-12-18 Deryck HodgeUpdated with the wrong name, so reverse the previous...
2006-12-18 Deryck HodgeSupport provider additions and one contact name update.
2006-11-03 Deryck HodgeFirst pass at chipping away at the support
2006-08-10 Deryck HodgeTypo fix for support provider.
2006-07-28 Deryck HodgeAdd couple support providers.
2006-07-21 Deryck HodgeTwo support provider updates. One new entry.
2006-05-09 Deryck HodgeAdd a couple support entries.
2006-04-14 Deryck HodgeAdd new support provider in France.
2006-03-28 Deryck HodgeNew support providers added to lists in Finland and...
2006-03-10 Deryck HodgeNew support provider in US.
2006-03-10 Deryck HodgeTypo fix for support entry.
2006-03-07 Deryck HodgeNew support provider in Ireland and Austria.
2006-02-09 Deryck HodgeAdd support provider in Pakistan.
2006-01-21 Deryck HodgeAdd support provider in Italy.
2006-01-21 Deryck HodgePhone number update for support provider.
2006-01-09 Deryck HodgeSupport updates, all emailed in from someone with the...
2005-12-29 Gerald Carterremoved linux care from support list as per their reque...
2005-11-30 Deryck HodgeAdd a couple support providers.
2005-11-11 Deryck HodgeRemoving support provider at his request.
2005-10-23 Deryck HodgeUpdate phone number for support provider.
2005-10-19 Deryck HodgeAdd support entries I did yesterday and stupidly forgot
2005-10-10 Deryck HodgeRemove company info at company rep's request.
2005-09-27 Deryck HodgeAdd India support provider at the request of the company.
2005-09-04 Deryck HodgeUS company support update, at the company's request.
2005-09-04 Deryck HodgeMove single entry on holland page to netherlands suppor...
2005-08-29 Deryck HodgeSupport updates/additions at the request of someone...
2005-07-22 Deryck HodgeAdd support company info at the request of company...
2005-07-14 Deryck HodgesetContentLen() needs to account for pages without...
2005-07-14 Deryck HodgeAdd one support provider; update another -- both at the
2005-06-29 Deryck HodgeAdding support provider information per company request.
2005-06-29 Deryck HodgeUpdating support entry per the company contact person...