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2006-11-12 Deryck HodgeUse some nicer fonts.
2004-08-08 Gerald Cartermerging new web site
2004-08-07 Gerald Carterfix spelling error
2004-08-07 Gerald Carterannouncing 3.0.6rc2
2004-07-23 Deryck HodgeAdd announcement about security page, and add
2004-07-22 Vance LankhaarA couple of small typos
2004-07-22 Gerald Carterannouncing EOL for Samba 2.2 and updating the security...
2004-07-22 Vance LankhaarChange the 2.2.10 release notes link to point to 2...
2004-07-22 Gerald Carterfixed date typo
2004-07-22 Gerald Carterannouncing releases
2004-07-14 Gerald Carterdifferentiate between SuSE prof and SLES in the RPMS...
2004-07-13 Gerald Carterremoving old news
2004-07-13 Gerald Carteradding link to the original mail Lars sent to the samba...
2004-07-13 Deryck HodgeAdd link to SuSE RPMs for current release announcement.
2004-07-12 Simo Sorcecan be also be --> can also be
2004-07-09 Gerald Carterannouncing 3.0.5rc1
2004-07-01 Andrew BartlettMake it even easier to find the GPG instructions.
2004-06-17 Deryck HodgeAdding a 'welcome Vance to the team' announcement.
2004-05-27 Deryck HodgeFixing typos in 3.0.5pre1 release announcement.
2004-05-25 Gerald Carterlast cleanup -- formatting
2004-05-25 Gerald Carterfix formatting
2004-05-25 Gerald Carteradd note about new symlink behavior
2004-05-25 Gerald Carterfix broken links in release announcement
2004-05-25 Gerald Carterannouncing 3.0.5pre1
2004-05-10 Gerald Carterlinking to note about absence of bzip2 files
2004-05-09 Deryck Hodgefixed typos in 3.0.4/2.2.9 announcement
2004-05-09 Gerald Carterannouncing 3.0.4 and 2.2.9
2004-05-02 Deryck Hodgecorrected typos in last announcement
2004-04-29 Gerald Carterfixing links and typos in release announcements
2004-04-29 Gerald Carteradding link to bz2 version of 3.0.3
2004-04-29 Gerald Carteradding new team member announcement
2004-04-29 Gerald Carterannouncing 3.0.3
2004-04-27 Deryck Hodgefixed typo in sambaxp post
2004-04-27 Gerald Carterremoving old 3.0.3pre2 announcement
2004-04-27 Deryck Hodgeadded sambaxp announcement and links to slides from...
2004-04-26 Deryck Hodgeadded subversion annoucement
2004-04-21 Gerald Carterbugzilla is back up
2004-04-21 Gerald Carterannouncing bugzilla downtime
2004-04-21 Deryck Hodgecleaned up minor spelling, grammar, and punctuation...
2004-04-21 Gerald Carterremote patent boycott from header (overdue) and annouce...
2004-04-15 Gerald Carterimporting sambaweb