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2006-05-03 Deryck HodgeReformatting the SoC '06 page for readability.
2006-05-03 Gerald Carterapplications are not limited to the project ideas on...
2006-05-02 Gerald Cartermore cleanup
2006-05-02 Gerald Carter* Remove comments about AJAX. It's not AJAX and that...
2006-05-02 Gerald Carterfix sleepycat URL
2006-05-02 Gerald Carteradding link to the student submission form
2006-05-01 Andrew BartlettSome project ideas.
2006-05-01 Gerald Carterupdating the summercode page a bit to point out the...
2006-04-30 Andrew Tridgelladded some project ideas
2006-04-28 Deryck HodgeAdd potential Summer Of Code project I'm willing to...
2006-04-28 Alexander BokovoyAdd workload generator idea for SoC2006
2006-04-24 Gerald Carterfix a reference to Samba3
2006-04-24 Gerald Cartermore project ideas:
2006-04-24 Gerald Cartermore projects
2006-04-24 Gerald Carterupdating project lists
2006-04-19 Deryck HodgeAdd summer of code 06 page.
2005-06-07 Deryck HodgeTypo fix (Thanks, Vance.)
2005-06-05 Andrew BartlettAdd another 'Summer of Code' idea.
2005-06-03 Gerald Carterfix presentation
2005-06-03 Gerald Carteradd a new project idea
2005-06-02 Gerald Cartera few more project updates
2005-06-02 Gerald Carteradding contact email link and updating project ideas...
2005-06-02 Deryck HodgeXHTML validation fixes.
2005-06-02 Deryck HodgeFirst pass at "Summer of Code" projects list.
2005-06-02 Deryck HodgeA "Under construction" note while I work this morning.
2005-06-01 Gerald Carteradding empty files for google's summer code project