Commercial Support - United States

Advanced Software Technologies, Inc

Advanced Software Technologies, Inc
8547 South Kostner Avenue
Chicago, Illinois  60652
(773) 948-4870
Chuck Fletcher

Since Samba's inception, Advanced Software Technologies has been supporting Samba and Samba-TNG on multiple platforms. Besides Samba support, we also offer support for the multitude of other operating systems and environments including all of Microsoft's operating systems, Mac OS 10, Linux(RedHat, SuSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo), FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, SCO and most other flavors of Unix.

Our other services include:
	- Multiple O/S Support
	- Outsourced System Administration
	- Web development/hosting & support
	- Anti-Virus Prevention & Recovery
	- Hardware/Software Installation and Support
	- Custom Application Development(Inter/Intra-Net)
	- Security Planning, Implementation & Forensics
	- Development of O/S Support Utilities
	- Custom Mobile Device Programming & Integration
	- MS SQL Server & Exchange Support
	- Network Visualization & Implementation
	- Multi-database development/integration including: Informix, MySQL MS SQL Server, Sqlite, and Foxpro
	- Customized E-Commerce solutions utilizing our own ESDE solution

Ansotech Inc.

Ansotech Inc.
5517 N. Cumberland Ave, Suite 910
Chicago, IL
Antonio Sosa

Ansotech provides installation, maintenance and upgrade support for samba installation on Fedora, SUSE, AIX, Ubuntu, Debian, PCLinuxOS, BSD, Windows and MAC clients.

BCS Technology Limited

BCS Technology Limited
805 Archer Ln
Elwood, IL 60421
Bill Brier

Full service operation supporting Samba on Linux and UNIX.

Specialty Samba capabilities: Total elimination of Windows servers from the network.

Special Notes: We do scratch system design and installation. Our service area is northeastern Illinois.

Byte Harmony, Inc.

Byte Harmony, Inc.
1410 S 72nd St
Milwaukee, WI
Brian Kerhin

Byte Harmony has supported Linux samba server hosting and other applications for over 10 years. From Simple file sharing, network printing to complex domain hosting and Microsoft integration we can handle anything you need.

Specialty samba capabilities: From pre-packaged simple setup to custom compiled samba needs we can handle your task.

Special Notes: Our services include hourly and contract managed support.

Celestial Systems, Inc

Celestial Software LLC
6641 East Mercer Way; PO Box 820
Mercer Island, Washington
Bill Campbell

Linux and Unix support services with emphasis on e-mail, networking, and security.

Specialty Services: General setup and support for small-to-medium business.

ClearCenter, Corp.

ClearCenter, Corp.
1145 South 800 East, Ste 300
Orem, Utah
David Loper

ClearCenter is a leader in the Linux small business space. Built on CentOS, ClearOS allows full functionality for the management of the Network, Server & Gateway functions. ClearOS is the most functional office deployment of Samba right out of the box. Samba functions such as LDAP directory integration, user profiles, logon scripts, and other advanced Samba features are available and supported in an easy to use interface. ClearCenter provides high level Samba support for custom environments and mission critical file and print services through its technical team and through its qualified partners. Call us today to solve your Samba issues.

Specialty samba capabilities: Identity management, clustered Samba deployments, Samba best practices, troubleshooting, Samba performance improvements, and training/mentoring services.

Dentar, Inc.

PO BOX 36447

Linux/UNIX Support, Windows Support, Dentrix Support, Networking support, Web server support, Samba support, Hardware support, Operating systems support

Specialty samba capabilities: Plain old samba.

Special Notes: Be prepared to provide remote login credentials if customer is not located in the Cincinnati area.

Edoceo, Inc.

Edoceo, Inc.
PO Box 70867,
Seattle, WA 98127
David Busby

Edoceo has been providing Samba deployment & support services to small & medium sized businesses ( <500 users) since 2001. Supported distributions include Gentoo (favoured), Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, CentOS, Slackware and RedHat. We have experience with LDAP and AD integration; advanced print queues such as fax, PDF or PS outputs; magic print drivers; magic scripts and OpenVPN usage. Our extensive Linux background gives us further experience with supplement Samba systems with encrypted storage; GlusterFS for network redundant storage and sharing; NFS for Linux/Unix sharing.

Specialty samba capabilities: Samba + OpenLDAP; Samba + AD; Samba + OpenVPN; Samba + Magic; Samba + Encrypted Storage; Samba + GlusterFS.

Special Notes: Deployment & support services offered via remote connection; SSH (favoured); VNC or RDP. Documentation of work provided through annotated configuration file and detailed work-log. Support contracts available with four hour response SLA.

Pantek Inc.

Pantek Inc.
6133 Rockside Road #301
Cleveland, Ohio
877-LINUX-FIX, (216)344-1614
Expert IT Services

When you need the best, when you need top tier engineers, when you need it NOW... you need Pantek. Our experienced, friendly, Level 3 support team are all US based, never outsourced. We've been doing Open Source Tech Support since 1995. Help Desk Technical Support - 24/7/365 - By phone, email, remote login, or on-site at your location, Pantek's expert Linux and Open Source engineers provide advanced Tech Support for a wide range of Linux and Open Source software applications, distributions and systems 24/7/365. Vendor Neutral, we provide Technical Support for all Linux and Open Source software.

Specialty samba capabilities: Installing SAMBA on all supported platforms. Integrating SAMBA with PAM, LDAP, Winbind. Installing SAMBA and LDAP as a Primary Domain Controller in a Windows Domain. Configuration and troubleshooting of existing SAMBA installations. Integrating SAMBA with Microsoft Active Directory services.

Special Notes: Visit our web site, email us at, or call our 24/7/365 phone number at 877-LINUX-FIX to begin support.

PrimaStasys, Inc.

PrimaStasys, Inc.
900 Cherry Avenue, Suite 300
San Bruno, California 94066
512-970-0256 (Mobile) - Austin, Texas
John Terpstra
650-291-9254 (Mobile) - San Francisco (Bay Area)
Dennis Fullalove
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Our founder and CTO, John H Terpstra, ( is one of the early Samba Team members (since 1995) and the key author of the official Samba documentation that forms a core part of the Samba project. John has been in the professional network management and support business for over 20 years. He has worked extensively with Windows networking technology across a broad spectrum of sites and installations. He has worked with Samba for over 10 years and has assisted many large sites to obtain more reliable and scalable Windows network solutions.

We support large corporate users and provide third-level support to resellers, integrators and managed services providers. Our support offerings can meet your needs when you need it, where you need it.

Specialty samba capabilities: Network design, deployment of Samba environment including CTDB clusters, training. For help in planning your MS Windows Network Architecture, Unix implementations, TCP/IP networks, or just to get your IT infrastructure right - Call PrimaStasys. If you are a VAR and want help in managing your Samba using accounts call now, don't delay - we are ready to help you meet your customer's needs more effectively.


4314 Avenue C
Austin, Texas
Bo Kersey

VirCIO provides IT services on an outsource basis for small businesses. VirCIO becomes the "virtual IT department" - providing Fortune 500 company level expertise for a fraction of the price, 24 hours a day.