Bug Reports, Patches & contacting the Samba Team

The Samba Team have recently implemented an improved Bug Tracking System (using Bugzilla) to provide better support to the Samba community.

Please note: all correspondence with the Samba Team can be made through the public Samba mailing lists. Please refer to http://lists.samba.org/ for more information on these.

How to use the Bug Tracking System

Sending a bug report to the Samba Team is done by the tracking interface at https://bugzilla.samba.org. Note that only legitimate bug reports will be dealt with via the bug tracking system.
Any queries for configuration help or general information will be disregarded. Please send such requests to samba@samba.org.

To make the most of your message and to help everyone get the quickest response please include the information about your operating system, compiler and runtime environment.

How to send patches?

Send patches to samba-technical@samba.org Make sure they are in unidiff format and include any necessary documentation changes and take account of cross-platform issues. Half baked patches aren't really much use.