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2015-09-08 Karolin SeegerNEWS[4.3.0]: Samba 4.3.0 Available for Download
2015-09-08 Karolin SeegerNEWS[4.2.4]: Samba 4.2.4 Available for Download
2015-09-08 Karolin SeegerAdd release notes for Samba 4.2.4.
2015-09-08 Karolin SeegerUpdate current supported releases.
2015-09-08 Stefan generate generated_news/latest_stabl...
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2015-09-03 Andreas SchneiderNEWS[socket_wrapper-1.1.4]: socket_wrapper-1.1.4 released
2015-09-01 Stefan MetzmacherNEWS[4.3.0rc4]: Samba 4.3.0rc4 Available for Download
2015-09-01 Karolin SeegerNEWS[4.1.20]: Samba 4.1.20 Available for Download
2015-08-24 Andreas SchneiderNEWS[resolv_wrapper-1.1.3]: resolv_wrapper-1.1.3 has...
2015-08-21 Andreas SchneiderNEWS[uid_wrapper-1.1.1]: uid_wrapper-1.1.1 has been...
2015-08-18 Stefan MetzmacherNEWS[4.3.0rc3]: Samba 4.3.0rc3 Available for Download
2015-08-05 Stefan MetzmachersambaXP-2015-recordings: fix typo in headline html
2015-08-05 Stefan fix a typo in the headline generation
2015-08-05 Stefan MetzmacherNEWS[sambaXP-2015-recordings]: sambaXP: Listen to the...
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2015-08-04 Stefan MetzmacherAnnounce Samba 4.3.0rc2.
2015-07-24 Lars Müllerrip obsoletes footer
2015-07-21 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.3.0rc1.
2015-07-21 Lars MüllerRemove science+computing from support/germany.html
2015-07-11 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.2.3.
2015-06-22 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.1.19.
2015-05-27 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.2.2.
2015-05-25 Lars MüllerRemove broken PrimaStasys reference here too
2015-05-25 Lars MüllerAdd Buckhill to the UK page
2015-05-23 Richard SharpeChange the link to the VFS documentation and massage...
2015-05-21 Karolin SeegerLink to the results of the Samba survey.
2015-05-11 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.1.18.
2015-05-06 Karolin SeegerFix typo.
2015-05-06 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.0.26.
2015-04-15 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.2.1.
2015-03-13 Lars MüllerAdd the 2015 User Survey back
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2015-03-06 Lars MüllerAdd missing samba/ in ULR
2015-03-06 Lars MüllerAdd VMware lawsuit statement
2015-03-04 Marc MuehlfeldNews: Fix link to release notes in 4.2.0 announcement
2015-03-04 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.2.0.
2015-03-02 Karolin Seegernews: Add link to the survey.
2015-02-27 Lars MüllerRemove broken reference
2015-02-24 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.2.0rc5.
2015-02-23 Karolin SeegerUpdate latest stable release.
2015-02-23 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.1.7, 4.0.25 and 3.6.25.
2015-02-09 Andrew BartlettOur lists are now only on
2015-01-29 Stefan MetzmacherFix year in SambaXP announcement
2015-01-29 Stefan MetzmacherAnnounce Call for Papers SambaXP 2015.
2015-01-27 Lars MüllerMove Paul to the alumini section
2015-01-16 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.2.0rc4.
2015-01-15 David DisseldorpFix Theseiare->These are typo
2015-01-15 Karolin SeegerYet another typo... ;-)
2015-01-15 Karolin SeegerFix typo.
2015-01-15 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.1.16 and 4.0.24.
2015-01-11 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.1.15.
2015-01-07 Jose A. RiveraUpdate entries for Jose and Chris.
2015-01-04 Björn Jackemake urls protocol independent on index.html
2014-12-20 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.2.0rc3.
2014-12-18 Michael AdamUpdate my employer link on the team page.
2014-12-08 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.0.23.
2014-12-01 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.1.14.
2014-11-24 Lars MüllerUpdate Pantek data
2014-10-28 Lars MüllerRename Bokxing IT to 1A First Alternative
2014-10-20 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.1.13.
2014-10-15 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.2.0rc2.
2014-10-06 Ralph BoehmeAdded Ralph Boehme to team member list
2014-10-01 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.2.0rc1.
2014-09-30 Lars MüllerUpdate Zeropiu on request by Alessia Bordogna
2014-09-18 Karolin SeegerAdd 3.6.23 patch for CVE-2014-0178.
2014-09-15 Karolin SeegerFix typo in the 4.0.22 release notes.
2014-09-15 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.0.22.
2014-09-08 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.1.12.
2014-08-25 Lars MüllerAdd missing new lines
2014-08-25 Lars MüllerRemove extra mailto:
2014-08-25 Lars MüllerFurther cleanup of the .at supporting companies
2014-08-25 Lars MüllerFix broken link
2014-08-25 Lars MüllerAdd supporting company
2014-08-17 Jelmer VernooijClarify that Samba can be a domain controller in an...
2014-08-01 Karolin SeegerAdd security advisory for CVE-2014-3560.
2014-07-31 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.1.11 and 4.0.21.
2014-07-29 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.0.20.
2014-07-28 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.1.10.
2014-06-23 Karolin SeegerFix typo.
2014-06-23 Karolin SeegerFix typo in 3.6.24 announcement.
2014-06-23 Karolin SeegerAnnounce Samba 4.1.9, 4.0.19 and 3.6.24.
2014-06-19 mmuehlfeldAdded Marc Muehlfeld to team member list.
2014-06-19 Andrew Bartlettupdate intro to home page
2014-06-18 Andrew Bartlettrevamp TODO page to point correctly to the wiki
2014-06-18 Michael AdamAdd wiki-roadmap page to the releases box.
2014-06-13 Andrew BartlettAdd Catalyst as my employer
2014-06-13 Andrew BartlettUpdate Catalyst support page listing
2014-06-12 Simo SorceAdd Red Hat link to Team members working for RH
2014-06-12 Jose A. RiveraAdd Jose to Team page.
2014-06-12 Jim McDonoughUpdate SUSE team members with links to SUSE website
2014-06-12 Michael AdamFix capitalization in the beyond samba box.